Tyreke Evans gets stuck in elevator at team hotel prior to game (Video)

tyreke-evans-pelicansAfter spending the first four years of his NBA career with the Sacramento Kings, Tyreke Evans is now in his first with the New Orleans Pelicans.

In the previous two seasons Evans started 122 of the 128 games he appeared in. So far this season he’s started zero games. The plan was for that to change for Friday’s nationally televised game against the Phoenix Suns.

Initially, it looked as though the plan needed to be revised after Evans got stuck in an elevator before the game:

Evans uploaded this video to his Instagram account.

Thankfully, all ended well.

Reggie Miller takes shot at New Orleans Pelicans over Tyreke Evans offer

tyreke-evansFollowing his Rookie of the Year campaign during the 2009-2010 NBA season, former Memphis star Tyreke Evans has largely been a disappointment for the Sacramento Kings. Evans’ assists and points per game numbers have decreased steadily over the past three seasons, and Sacramento has not won more than 28 games in a season since drafting him with the fourth overall pick in 2009.

Despite his dipping production, the New Orleans Pelicans have reportedly offered Evans a four-year contract worth somewhere between $40 and $48 million. While Evans is only 23 and has plenty of basketball ahead of him, that number seems awfully steep. What does the legendary Reggie Miller think about it?

I think Evans’ legs are probably a little fresher than the 47-year-old Miller’s at this point, but you get the idea. Evans is a restricted free agent, meaning the Kings will have a chance to match any offer he receives. If New Orleans did in fact offer that type of money, Sacramento will have a difficult decision to make with a player the team has not had many great things to say about over the past few seasons.

Paul Westphal Says Tyreke Evans Is ‘Sluggish’ and Needs to Get in Better Shape

One of the consequences of the NBA lockout is players having less time than usual to get into shape for the season. There’s less than a week left before real games begin, and camps have been open less than a few weeks. Clippers coach Vinny Del Negro already talked about Chris Paul losing a few pounds in the team’s offense, and now we have Kings coach Paul Westphal saying Tyreke Evans needs to get in better shape.

“I thought Tyreke looked sluggish and not ready to show how he can play,” Westphal said after the team’s preseason loss Saturday night. “I think he needs to pick up his pace play and he did a little bit in the second half. He needs to keep getting in better shape and play at a little faster speed and make better decisions with the ball. He killed the clock a few times and that’s not the way we’re going to play this year.”

There are two points to posting this story. One, Evans has battled weight issues during his career. If he’s not in proper shape again, that’s not a good thing for Sacramento. Two, you will probably see plenty of stories like this the first few weeks of the season. There will be plenty of guys out of shape, and the ones who busted their butts during the lockout will see rewards.

Tyreke Evans Dunks on Gary Neal (Video)

Tyreke Evans dunked so hard on Gary Neal of the Spurs even he had to smile about it. His teammates were loving it, Tyreke had a sly grin, and the play-by-play announcer nailed it when he said “we’ll see you on every highlight reel in America, Mr. Evans.” Perfectly said.

Thanks to Jose3030 for the video, and check out LBS’ collection of monster dunks for more.

Home Cooking, Visit from Mom Key to Turnaround for Tyreke Evans

It’s been an absolutely brutal season for the Sacramento Kings. They’re tied with the Wizards for the second-worst record in the league, and their core tandem of Tyreke Evans and DeMarcus Cousins have been a disappointment most of the season. Until recently. Cousins has been studly lately, scoring at least 20 points in four of the team’s last five games (they went 3-2). Likewise, last year’s rookie of the year — Evans — has stepped up.

Tyreke, who busted onto the scene last year with an absurd 20, 5, and 5 average as a freaking rookie, was nowhere near the same player this year. He’s battled plantar fasciitis and another issue that has been kept private. Oh yeah, and according to Evans, he’s battled weight issues.

Evans told The Sacramento Bee that his diet got a little fast food heavy, but that he’s lost some weight ever since his mother and grandmother came in for the holidays. Tyreke says they made him plenty of soul food and that’s allowed him to maintain a better diet. As a result, he says he’s much quicker on the court, which has been clear over the past few games. So what’s the lesson to be learned here? Leave the groupies, bring the mom.

Tyreke Evans Hits Half-Court Game Winner Against Grizzlies (Video)

I think it’s safe to say Tyreke Evans has officially redeemed himself after having his ankles broken by Derrick Rose earlier in the season.  Are NBA teams spending more time in practice working on half-court and full-court shots or something?  We already showed you this 75-foot shot by Chauncey Billups that was waved off for traveling and this one from Gilbert Arenas that didn’t count because it bounced of the shot clock.  Evans finally gave us one that counted on Wednesday night in a win over the Grizzlies.

With 1.5 seconds remaining in the game, it looked like O.J. Mayo would be the hero of the night after he hit a ridiculous fadeaway jumper from just inside the three-point line to give Memphis a 97-96 lead.  That was when Evans decided he didn’t want the game to end like that in his house.  Check out the video of Tyreke Evans’ half-court game winner:

Bravo, Tyreke.  Bravo.

Derrick Rose Breaks Tyreke Evans’ Ankles (Video)

On Saturday evening, Derrick Rose returned from injury to the Chicago Bulls lineup and led his team to a victory over the Sacramento Kings.  He also promptly broke Tyreke Evans’ ankles.  Either that or the floor was very slippery and somebody should wipe it off before somebody gets hurt.  Have a look at the video of Derrick Rose breaking Tyreke Evans’ ankles, courtesy of Deadspin via YouTube user CozSweaters:

One professional athlete just shouldn’t be able to do that to another.