Video: Novak Djokovic Dances Upon Request After Roger Federer Win

Novak Djokovic takes the game seriously when he’s in the middle of a tennis match. When he’s done playing, he becomes a showman. His antics have included eating blades of grass on the court, tapping reporters in the nuts, and doing impressions.

After coming back to beat Roger Federer in five sets Saturday at the U.S. Open Saturday, CBS reporter Mary Joe Fernandez asked Novak to dance. He complied:

The crowd seemed to be pro-Federer throughout the match, but they ended up cheering on Djokovic after his magnificent comeback. They’re lucky he obliged Fernandez after the crowd supported Roger most of the way. It also goes without saying that Novak could gain something by taking lessons from Andrea Petkovic, the best post-match dancer on tour.

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  • Gene

    A great epci match and a wonderful comeback by the best player in the world.  The forehand winner he hit on Federer’s match point was magnificent and gutsy.  The win was well deserved.

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    Roger had some negative things to say about the gutsy shot by Djokovic. I thought it was instinctual. What did you think of it?

  • Gene

    The shot was planned.  Novak did the same thing last year.  He went for broke.  He even said that if he makes it, he has a chance and if he misses, he loses, so he gambled. If you are referring to Roger’s comment about the shot, I don’t remember it.