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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Did This Turkish Soccer Team Sacrifice a Lamb on the Pitch?

It would appear as if that is the case. How else can you explain a dead lamb being placed in the middle of the pitch?

Deadspin shared that video with us and explains that it’s “Turkish side Sivasspor posing with a restrained lamb before their friendly with FK Rad Belgrade.” Even though the camera cuts away, we can only assume some sort of cutting ritual took place.

Metro Online adds that “FK Rad club officials and players were reportedly left cowering in the tunnel as Sivasspor conducted the religious act. Once players had basted blood on themselves, they carried promotional gift bags toward fans sitting on the opposite side of the stadium.”

Man, we’ve talked about players and teams using black magic or voodoo to help gain an edge. Most of the time it was a joke. One time it actually happened. But sacrificing a lamb on the field before a game? That’s enough to make Pedro Cerrano shudder. Oh yeah, the stunt worked — they won the game 4-1.

Thanks to YouTube user aaaaa4187

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