Tiger Woods Cusses Up a Storm After Missing Putt

Just Tiger being Tiger. I should probably be a little more specific given the various types of behavior Tiger Woods is known for.. Tiger being Tiger could be dominating a tournament, playing through pain, or cheating on his wife. In this particular instance, it was Tiger being Tiger by throwing a hissy fit and swearing loud enough to hear on national television after missing a putt. Check out the video of Tiger Woods dropping f-bombs after missing a putt at the British Open. You might have to turn the volume up a little at around the 20-second mark when the curse words start flying.

Video Credit: YouTube user schwisow9688

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  • SpinMax

    I never blame the athlete in any situation like this. It’s 1000% the fault of espn, cbs, nbc, etc. Tiger has no mic, hell there isn’t even one on the green. It’s the networks that get ones to direct out there and pick this up. The worst of the worst back in the day was nba on nbc. After a play and foul, they’d immediately switch to under the basket and you’d always hearguys like Charles yelling obscenities. You’d think after one game they’d have this resolved…but no they did it for years and when they hit the delayed mute they’d more often than not miss it.

  • EASportsInDaGame

    x2 SpinMax. There’s a reason why we don’t get any of the NFL language even though there are many mics at the game that catch all the sound. Even the guys in the NFL that do get mic’ed up, the network edits it before it is replayed. That being said, golf etiquette is to not throw tantrums on the course. When you’re the reason 50% of the people are watching golf, you can do whatever the “F” you want!