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Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Athlete Look-Alikes

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Kyle Korver vs. Ashton Kutcher

Jazz Forward/Actor

6’7″ 210lbs/6’2″ 180lbs

Goes home to Deron Williams/Goes home to Demi Moore

Khalil Greene vs. Jeff Spicoli

Padres Shortstop/Ridgemont High’s Finest

5’11” 195lbs/5’9″ 165lbs

smokes line drives up the middle/smokes reefers in his VW

Pedro Gomez vs. Taylor Hicks

ESPN Reporter/American Idol

6’0″ 180lbs/6’0″ 190lb

Investigates Bonds’ jock/Wants to investigate your jock

Robert Horry vs. Will Smith

Spurs Forward Actor/Singer/Entertainer

6’10” 240lbs/6’2″ 200lbs

6-time NBA Champ/Box Office Stud

Eli Manning vs. Dopey

Giants QB/Snow White’s Servant

6’4″ 225lbs/2’0″ 40lbs

A bit slow/A bit slow

Julian Tavarez vs. Freddy Krueger

Unemployed Pitcher/Everyone’s Nightmare

6’2″ 195lbs/6’2″ 190lbs (hat and claws included)

Strikes fear in the hearts of SF dwellers/Strikes fear in the hearts of 10 year olds

Tony Stewart vs. Brother Bluto

Nascar Badass/Cafeteria Badass

5’11” 230lbs/5’8″ 220lbs

Beats up opposing drivers/Beats up sorority trim and JD bottles

Hedo Turkoglu vs. Bud Bundy

Magic Sharpshooter/Kelly’s bitch

6’10” 220lbs/5’3″ 155lbs

drains buckets all day/drains his lizard all day

George Karl vs. John Lithgow

Nuggets Head Coach/Lord Farquaad

6’2″ 250lbs/6’4″ 240lb

Wants to kick Isiah’s Ass/Wants to Rule the world

Mustafa Shakur vs. Urkel

Arizona PG/Nerd

6’3″ 190lbs/6’1″ 175lbs

trying to shake opposing guards/trying to shake the Urkel image

Amelie Mauresmo vs. Lattimer

Tennis Player/LB, ESU ’93

5’9″ 157lbs/6’5″ 260 lbs

Roider?/Confirmed Roider

Kammron Taylor vs. Chris Rock

Wisconsin Guard/Everyone’s Funny Man

6’2 175lbs/6’0″ 165lbs

Learned from Penny Hardaway/The Real Lil’ Penny

Jamaal Anderson vs. Ludacris

Falcons DE/ Superstar Rapper,Actor

6’5″ 288lbs/5’7″ 165lbs

Terrorizes quarterbacks/Terrorizes the club

Aaron Rowand vs. Irish Terry Conklin

Phillies Center Fielder/Boxer, Rocker

6’0″ 200lbs/6’1″ 180lbs

Left Face Print on Wall/Left Mark in Great White Hype