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Saturday, December 15, 2018

It Doesn’t Get Better Than the Cavs’ Pre-Game Photo Op Ritual

I’m not exactly sure how long the Cavs have been doing their pre-game photo op but I love it. It’s probably been for a week or so now since the last few times they did it it made it on the highlight shows. Shaq of course didn’t like having anyone else get all the attention for something clever so he trashed LeBron and the Cavs and came up with a weak bowling intro. LeBron’s photo shoot intro is like a thousand times better, and the one they did on Wednesday night was nails. After seeing it I realized that I hadn’t yet posted a video of the intro on the site and that this was my favorite one yet. Observe:

Dude, how AYSO was that? They all were holding up the number 1 sign like a bunch of little kids. I guess that’s the point. Also, I think they were probably all posing with the number 1 sign because they have the best record in the league (and the best season in franchise history). And good thing they’re winning because that’s the only way they can get away with this.

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