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Saturday, August 17, 2019

Kobe Bryant puts himself ahead of Michael Jordan, behind Wilt on NBA all-time greatest list? (Video)

The debate on the greatest player in NBA history continues, and in this latest installment, it’s noted trash talker Kobe Bryant throwing in his two cents. In a video from last summer’s Drew League that Jersey Chaser shares with us, Kobe seems to get caught saying he believes he’s the second-greatest player in the NBA’s history, behind Wilt Chamberlain and ahead of Michael Jordan.

Kobe, who was frustrated with the level of competition, has an eyebrow-raising conversation with former NBAer Marcus Banks during a stoppage in play.

“This sh*t child’s play, man,” Kobe says. “It’s too child’s play. Child’s play. Repeat the list, man. Wilt. Me. Mike. …Don’t forget the list, man. It’s a short list.”

Jordan recently said Kobe is the only one comparable to him, and now he probably regrets paying Kobe that compliment. You know MJ is going to take complete offense to Kobe’s remarks, especially because he thinks he would have gone Wilt on today’s players by scoring 100. And because he’s Michael Jordan and has the ego the size of one of his private jets.

Kobe’s comments in the video are open to interpretation. Was he talking about the all-time greatest list? Basketball’s best scorers? Either way, we do know that Kobe puts himself in the same exclusive class as Michael and Wilt, and we think it was intentional he named himself ahead of MJ.

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