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Thursday, July 19, 2018

Kyrie Irving was late to meeting with Brad Stevens after car broke down

Kyrie Irving has been with the Boston Celtics for less than a month, and the star point guard was already late to a meeting with his head coach. Fortunately, his excuse is as legitimate as they come.

Irving couldn’t help but chuckle while he explained to reporters on Thursday that his car broke down outside of Bentley University, which is located not far from where the Celtics train. It turns out Irving had some major work done to his car, and he had no idea it no longer accepts regular gasoline.

“I had no idea that my engine got changed,” he said, via Jay King of MLive.com. “So I put regular gas in the Jeep and it stalled out. It stalled out right on the corner of Beaver and Forest, right in front of Bentley University. And I’m standing there and our equipment guy J.J. came and picked me up. So I was like 45 minutes late to a meeting with Brad (Stevens). That shows you how much time I was out there for.

“It was raining and I was wearing shorts and a T-shirt. But the people out there that kept stopping, they were awesome.

Irving said he is at a loss for words to describe how welcoming the people of Boston have been, noting that several people got out of their cars when his broke down and offered him a ride.

“Just to have that type of support anywhere, you know, at any given moment. They had no idea who I was, which makes it even sweeter,” he said. “Being part of the Boston culture, man, I’m just enthused. And now I can’t wait to get started.”

One of Irving’s former coaches is expecting huge things from the former Duke star now that he has gotten out from under LeBron’s shadow. Irving was ecstatic that he ended up being traded to Boston, and it sounds like his new fans have done nothing to change his mind.

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