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Friday, December 14, 2018

Patrick Beverley fined $25K for throwing ball at Mavs superfan

Los Angeles Clippers point guard Patrick Beverley was ejected from Sunday’s game against the Dallas Mavericks for tossing the ball at a fan, and he has also been fined for the incident.

On Tuesday, that NBA announced that Beverley has been fined $25,000. The 30-year-old threw a bounce pass toward Mavericks superfan Don Knobler after Knobler supposedly cursed at him.

Knobler admitted to calling Beverley a dirty player and said he shouted “your mother” at him at one point, but Beverley told reporters what Knobler said to him went well beyond that.

“F— [your] mother’ twice,” Beverley accused Knobler of shouting at him, per Andrew Greif of the Los Angeles Times. “I’ve never heard ‘f— your mother.’ Never. There’s only so much you can stand for. I can accept ‘f— you and f-you Pat Beverley,’ I can accept that. I’m a grown man. But, you know, you bring family into it, especially in a basketball game, it’s only so much you can tolerate as a man.”

Regardless of what was said, the NBA obviously doesn’t want players tossing the ball in the direction of fans. Between the exchange he had with Knobler and the role he played in a Mavs player losing a tooth earlier in the game, Sunday was an eventful night for Beverley.

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