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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Did Sixers Announcer Eric Snow Fall Asleep During Game? (Video)

At 27-29, the Philadelphia 76ers probably aren’t the most exciting team to watch in the NBA.  Fans undoubtedly have trouble getting behind the Sixers, but their broadcast team is supposed to always remain interested, right?  Apparently not.  It seems Philly announcer Eric Snow has about as much interest in the Sixers as Howie Rose has in the Islanders.  But did he really fall asleep?  Check out the Eric Snow Sixers sleeping video:

Snow clearly spaced out in some way, and here’s the exchange between he and Marc Zumoff if you couldn’t make it out:

Zumoff: Are you meditating?
Snow: I thought I was…trying to stay awoke. Some people you know they kind of wear on you.
Zumoff: I hear ya.
Snow: Sometimes it makes you a little sleepy so you’ve got to get your burst of energy. That’s how it is with a basketball team. Sometimes when you hear people talking in the huddle you’re like “blah, blah, blah,” and then the game starts and you’re like “okay its time to go.”
Zumoff: Yeah, you snap to attention.

Nice try, Eric. You nodded off and it was only the second quarter — it happens to the best of us. H/T to Deadspin for the video.

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