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#pounditSaturday, January 22, 2022

New report reveals what Pacers fans did to get ejected by LeBron James

LeBron James’ incident with a couple of Indiana Pacers fans from earlier this week proved to be prime content for social media. Now some new details are emerging about the episode.

Pacers writer Scott Agness reported Saturday on what exactly the two Pacers fans who got ejected from Wednesday’s game did to draw the ire of James — they made obscene gestures to him.

“It’s right f–ing here!” James reportedly told referee Rodney Mott as he pointed out the offending fans. “Obscene gesture right to my face!”

Agness, citing sources nearby for the situation, adds that both fans, a man and a woman, made obscene gestures. James also reportedly told one of the officials that there was chatter coming from those two fans all game. This chatter was directly specifically towards both James and Carmelo Anthony.

Agness also makes clear in his report that the ejections were ultimately the result of “an obscene gesture, not something that was said.”

Twitter had a grand ol’ time with the incident, nicknaming James “LeSnitch” and producing a bunch of funny memes. There were some rampant rumors about what the fans may have said or done to deserve the ejection. But this report is finally making clear what precipitated the entire incident.

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