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Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Danny Garcia vs Brandon Rios live blog

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Las Vegas – Danny Garcia and Brandon Rios are meeting on Saturday night at the Mandalay Bay, and LBS is on the scene. Garcia is 33-1 and lost to Keith Thurman last March. Rios is 34-3-1 and has lost three of his last six fights, including defeats to Mike Alvarado, Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley.

We will be providing coverage of the main event with analysis from ringside combat reporter Arsen Dadyan.

Keep refreshing the post for commentary and updates as the event continues.

10:04-Danny Garcia says that he is in control of Vegas as Shawn Porter comes to interrupt the interview by Jim Gray. Danny Garcia tells Shawn Porter that this is the Danny Garcia show and he can take him Porter and beat him in the gym or take it to the streets!

9:55-Round 9-What a great round to start off with both fighters going back-and-forth. Garcia just hit Rios with a sick right to the chin and down goes Rios. It’s over Johnny!!! Put him in a body bag. Rios got up but the referee stopped it because Rios couldn’t stand up straight!! What a great showing by Garcia to show his skills as a defensive fighters as well as showing that he was in better shape than Brandon Rios.

9:51-Round 8-Rios has not stopped his approach of being aggressive and taking Garcia to the ropes. The fans start to chant for Rios once again around the 2:00 mark. 1:21 to go in the round and Garcia hits Rios with a nice left jab to keep Rios away. This is some close range boxing by both fighters as each fighter gets in a jab, uppercut and rib shots against each other while Garcia is on the ropes. Garcia’s game plan looks to be working because he is sitting and looks good, all while Brandon Rios is heavily breathing and he has his corner put cold water and a wet towel over him to cool him down. Round 8 goes to Garcia, he’s up 5-3 in my opinion.

9:47-Round 7-Garcia’s eyes, nose and lips are all swollen and red because of the constant pounding by Rios. Both fighters and going back and forth taking their time to punch and counter punch. 1:40 the fans start to chant for Rios. Garcia is just showing that he is in better shape and built for the long run. He is forcing Rios to chase him. He then catches him with a quick right to the right to the ribs to the head. Round 7 goes to Garcia and I have him leading this fight at 4-3.

9:41-Round 6-Surprised to Rios being this aggressive as we get to the midway point of the fight. He is going on pure energy from the fans and the adrenaline is keeping him in there. Good back and forth by both boxing by both fighters. However I gave it Rios because of his aggressiveness. I have the match tied at 3-3.

9:38-Round 5-Garcia is in control and showing that he is in control of the fight and going to his corner and making Rios chase him. The problem with this is hat Rios has some pop and if Garcia continues to do this, he will take on way more shots than he wants. Having to change his game plan as the fight goes onto the later rounds. Both fighters are going toe to toe in the middle of the ring. Rios was the aggressor but Garcia took control towards the end of the round. Round 5 goes to him and he’s up 3-2.

9:35-Round 4-Rios goes back on the attack and starts the round off by forcing Garcia to the ropes. Both fighters are sweating profusely. Garcia is back tracking but it seems like even though he is being defensive, he is still in control of the fight and forcing Rios to use up all of his cardio and energy early. All while Garcia can coast and wait until the later rounds. Rios is still cutting the corners for Garcia and hitting him with a few shots but Garcia gets back with a few right crosses that stuns Rios. I have this round going for Garcia and making it 2-2.

9:31-Round 3-Early on in the round, Rios takes Garcia to the ropes like he did in round 2, however Garcia is able to hit a few combos and duck his way out of Rios’ corner. Garcia is going low and the fans are cheering on for Rios to go after Garcia. Rios is cutting off the corners and forcing Garcia to go to the ropes. 1:16 remaining and Garcia hits a great right cross to back Rios off of him. Rios is still being aggressive and gets Garcia with a nice haymaker while Garcia was on the ropes at the :35 second mark. Nice inside boxing by Rios to start this fight. Round 3 for Rios. I have it 2-1 for Rios.

9:27-Round 2-Brandon Rios is showing that he has to be the aggressor if he has any chance to get a win. He is going in early and taking Garcia to the ropes and goes high low with a couple of combos. The crowd starts to chant for Rios towards the end of the round. Garcia’s face is red. A good round for the challenger. Round 2 goes to Rios. I have it 1-1 so far.

9:22-Round 1-Here we go!! Right off the bat, the crowd starts to chant for Rios! This is a very pro-Mexican crowd. Not a lot of love for Garcia by the fans! Both fighters are testing each other by going back and forth at taking turns to go inside against one another. Not a lot of action early on. Garcia looks like he is in better shape after he rehydrated himself since yesterday’s weigh-ins. Round 1 goes to Garcia since he’s the champ.

9:13-Introducing Brandon Rios (34-3-1, 25 wins by way of KO) vs Danny Garcia (33-1, 19 wins by way of KO). I have Danny Garcia winning this match easily. The questions is not if he will win……but it be via TKO or will it go the distance?

9:12pm-Prior to the introduction of the fighters, Jimmy Lennon Jr takes a moment to acknowledge the 1st responders of the tragedy that took place at the Mandalay Bay a few months ago.

Brandon Rios vs Danny Garcia fight

8:55-We go to a the scorecard. 119-109 by 1 judge, 120-108 by the other 2 judges and all 3 in favor of David Benavidez.

8:49-Round 12-Jimmy Lennon Jr announces that this is the 12th and final round. Gavril is a warrior for standing in there, taking the punishment and coming back. His face is super red and looks to be very swollen. With less than 1 min to go in the round, he takes Benavidez to the corner but can’t capitalize. Both fighters are giving it everything as it comes to the end of the fight. Gavril is just worn out and his face/eyes are all swollen. A family member or friend of Gavril gets the Romanian flag and enters the ring. Round 12 goes to Gavril, he lost 10-2.

8:45-Round 11-The round starts off with both fighters giving it their all. I’m surprised that the ref nor the doctor hasn’t stopped this fight. Even though Gavil is being competitive, it’s a very 1 sided fight. When will they stop this? Round 11 goes to Benavidez, he’s winning 10-1.

8:42-Round 10-The doctor has come into the ring prior to the round to check on Gavril’s eye. This fight is very one sided and Gavril deserves to get credit for staying in there and taking all of this punishment. Round 10 goes to Benavidez nad he’s up 9-1. The doctor is once again in the ring to check on Gavril.

8:37-Round 9-Benavidez has been taking Gavril to school with his ability to jab at ease and counter anything that Gavril has been throwing at his way. Gavril’s nose is busted open now and Benavidez is going after it. A lot of guts being shown by Gavril. The doctor has come into the ring to take a look at Gavril. Look for a doctor’s stoppage if this continues! Round 9 goes to Benavidez as well. He’s winning 8-1.

8:34-Round 8- Gavril’s fans are cheering for him to do something because It’s been a 1 sided fight so far. The doctor is talking to the corner of Gavril. Round 8 goes to Benavidez and he’s up 7-1.

8:29-Round 7-A lot of back and forth action as both fighters are being aggressive. The ref called for the doctor to check out Gavril’s eye at the end of the round. Round 7 goes to Benavidez and he’s up 6-1.

8:25-Round 6- The sweat is dripping off of Gavril as he is trying his best to fight back but very little is actually happening. Benavidez is blocking a lot of the punches or the punches are so weak that he can’t really hurt Benavidez. Round 6 goes to Benevidez as well with Gavril showing heart. 5-1 in favor of Benavidez.

8:21-Round 5-Benavidez’s jabs have been connecting at ease as he is just able to do whatever he wants an whenever he wants to against Gavril. Gavril’s right eye seems to be busted open, but it could just be super red. Round 5 goes to Benevidez as well. He is showing why he might be the future. 4-1 in favor of Benavidez.

8:17-Round 4-2:30 to go into the round and Benavidez is just taking over and cracks Gavril with a great shot that shook him to the ropes. Benavidez jumps on Gavril and Gavril can do is to hold on so that he doesn’t get knocked out or have the fight stopped by the ref. with 1:00 to go in the round, Benavidez is just toying with Gavril and being the aggressor while at the same time, taking the time to step back and get his breath before countering with head and body shots. What a dominant round by Benavidez. Gavril’s eyes are getting red and he looks worn out. Those head and body shots are taking their toll. Round 4 goes to Benavidez as well. 3-1 in favor of Benavidez.

8:13- Round 3- Benavidez is starting the round by cutting Gavril’s corners and throwing a few left jabs and catching Gavril. Gavril is coming back in the middle of the round but Genavidez has too much of a height and reach advantage and is able to just jab at ease to keep Gavril away. Towards the end of the round and Benavidez is in control of this round. Round 3 goes to Benavidez and he’s winning 2-1 in my opinion.

8:09-Round 2-Both fighters start the round being more aggressive. Good back and forth jabs and body shots by both fighters. Gavril is trying to keep it close and go for the ribs and Benavidez is countering it with his reach advantage by throwing a few jabs to keep Gavril back. Then throwing in the left right combos up high. Round 2 goes to Gavril because he was more aggressive and got in a few good close rib shots.

8:05pm Round 1-Benavidez shows that he has the height and weight advantage over Gavril. Gavril looks to be in better cardio conditioning though. Benavidez has re-hydrated a good 10+ pounds since yesterdays weigh ins. A lot of jabbing and checking by both fighters, but not a lot of action. Round 1 goes to Benavidez only because he’s the champion and Gavril has to put in more work.

8:04pm-Prior to the start of the 1st round, the crowd is picking sides. Even though Ronald Gavril is fighting out of Las Vegas, David Benavidez is getting a ton of love by the crowd because he is the youngest WBC super middleweight champion in the history of the division.

7:57pm-Jimmy Lennon Jr introduces both fighters!!
Introducing Ronald Gavril(18-2 (14 wins by way of KO)) fighting out of Las Vegas, Nevada but representing Romania vs David Benavidez (19-0(17 wins by way of KO)) fighting out of Phoenix, Arizon and representing USA. I have this fight going the distance with Benavidez winning this match. Hopefully we can see a real good old fashioned boxing match where both fighters are aggressive and not just shadow boxing. Benavidez comes in as the WBC super middleweight champion!

Ronald Gavril vs. David Benavidez fight

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