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Saturday, July 11, 2020

Rich Rodriguez attributes success at Arizona to a change in Popsicles

Rich Rodriguez has enjoyed a very good start to his career as the head coach at Arizona. His Wildcats are already 3-0 on the year, including a convincing 59-38 win over then-ranked Oklahoma State. The secret? Stepping up the Popsicle game.

Rodriguez recently told USA TODAY Sports that one part of the Arizona culture he changed when taking over had to do with the type of Popsicles that are given to the team.

“I don’t want to give out average Popsicles,” he said. “We give out them bomb Popsicles. You know, the ones as a kid you love to have?”

The Popsicles he was referring to are one of the most patriotic frozen treats you can buy. If you never had a red, white and blue rocket pop as a kid, you either had some sort of bizarre food allergy, had parents that wouldn’t allow you to eat sugar or simply had a twisted, twisted childhood.

“These things are the mac daddy of Popsicles,” Rodriguez continued. “We’re giving out BCS-level, playoff-bound rocket Popsicles. And if they come out with a better one, we’re going to get a better Popsicle.┬áBut the rockets are pretty good.”

The rocket pops have been timeless for who knows how long, so I doubt they’re going to come out with a better one while Rich Rod is the coach as Arizona. What they could do is get Popsicles with their logo branded into them like Sonic did with these burgers. Then the Wildcats would really be cooking.

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