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Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Rude Tiger Woods Jokes Axed at Oscars

Telling jokes and trying to entertain an audience is a tricky proposition. Sometimes you’re tempted to make personal attacks or politically incorrect statements. The good news is that some awards shows aren’t live, allowing the bosses a chance to edit things out. Apparently some mean-spirited jokes made about Tiger Woods at the Academy Awards didn’t even make it that far.

Academy Awards bosses deleted a series of rude Tiger Woods jokes from the script. A well-placed source tells us writers penned cracks about the golfer’s cheating scandal for hosts Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin to deliver. But the lines have been nixed by producers. The source said, “Some of the Tiger jokes were deemed too rude.”

We’ve posted on a joke made at a Jacksonville Jaguars game at Tiger’s expense but that was nothing compared to all the other cracks floating around. I’m sure they had plenty of material raring and ready to go but it was probably the right thing to cut those out of the script. Perhaps the best news of all is that Tiger’s been back on the course practicing and preparing for a return to golf — something he should have done a long time ago.

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