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Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Brian Urlacher a Neo-Nazi?

Brian Urlacher may grab the occasional boob or violently swear at the mother of his child, but I’m fairly certain he isn’t a neo-Nazi. Just a hunch here, but my guess is we would have heard something about it by now if he were.  While he was probably joking and referencing his appearance, right-wing talk show host Glen Beck referred to Urlacher as a neo-Nazi in passing on his Fox talk show on Wednesday night.

According to SPORTS by BROOKS, Beck was responding to a list that was put together by the Washington Post company’s new website, The Root, which is intended for a black audience.  The list is entitled “The Blackest White Folks We Know” and Beck was included in it because he once gave a black history lesson on his show after discovering that African-Americans are often neglected in discussions of how America was founded.  In reviewing photos of the 33 people who made the list, Beck had only one quick thing to say about the Bears linebacker.   Check out the video of Glen Beck calling Brian Urlacher a neo-Nazi, courtesy of SPORTS by BROOKS via Gawker.TV:

Beck On Urlacher: ‘I Think This Guy Is a Neo-Nazi’ [SPORTS by BROOKS]
Glenn Beck Compares Shirley Sherrod Debacle to 9/11 [Gawker.TV]

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