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Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Jeremy Roenick uses fake story to rip Marshawn Lynch’s national anthem protest

Former NHL star Jeremy Roenick does not agree with professional athletes protesting the national anthem, and he is even willing to use fake stories to illustrate his disgust with the trend.

On Monday, Roenick took aim at Marshawn Lynch and other athletes who have chosen not to stand during the national anthem. His rant began when he tweeted a screenshot of a fake story about Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison ripping anthem protesters.

Twitter users almost instantly began informing Roenick that the story he shared stemmed from a tweet that was never actually sent by Harrison, but Roenick didn’t back down. He was also criticized for not mentioning the Charlottesville rally, to which he responded by saying we should ship all white supremacists to North Korea.

Roenick has never been shy about expressing his opinion no matter how controversial it may be, but he should do some more research before preaching. While he’s entitled to his opinion like anyone else, using fake stories to support your rants is never a good look.

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