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Thursday, December 13, 2018

The Media Can Be Evil

Yes, I’m talking specifically about the story the Boston Herald released on Saturday, the day before the Patriots attempted to win their fourth Super Bowl in seven years, and complete the perfect 19-0 season. The Herald cites a source saying a member of the Pats’ video department filmed the St. Louis Rams walkthrough the day before the Pats won the 2002 Super Bowl. Literally, they’re accusing the Pats of spying on their opponents, which would be pretty jacked up. My problem here isn’t the story — it’s perfectly fine if they really have a source — it’s just the timing.

In week two when all the initial Patriots spygate bullcrap was going on, it provided just about as bad of a distraction as you could get. There was plenty of attention drawn to the issue. Matter of fact, it was the talk of the NFL for the next few weeks. Patriots’ spygate dominated headlines.

And that brings me to the current issue at hand. How plausible is it that the Herald just received the Rams story and scrambled to pump it out as soon as possible? Not too likely if you ask me. I’m 99% convinced they were hanging onto this story to release it at the optimal time to sabotage the Patriots — the day before the Super Bowl. What more did they stand to gain by releasing it now as opposed to earlier in the year when they most likely had it? Nothing in my opinion except for a futile attempt to distract New England. Kinda like when the New York Daily News released the story about Rick Ankiel’s HGH use the day after he hit two home runs and had 7 RBI. Jerkoff timing.

I’m quite disturbed about the conscious choice I believe the Herald made to intentionally distract the Pats with the timing of the release of their story. And in case you’re asking, I don’t think it will effect the Pats, and I’ll say New England wins 41-24 or so. Remember, back in April, I said you might as well cancel the NFL season because the Patriots were going to dominate it thoroughly. So far I’ve been correct, and there’s no reason to shy away from that now.

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