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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Willie Gary Suing NFL Over Rams Losing Super Bowl to Patriots

Adam-Vinatieri-Field-Goal-RamsThis actually is a legitimate lawsuit. Not like the crazy ass character Jonathan Lee Riches from the South Carolina prison who’s been known to sue Michael Vick, President Bush, Martha Stewart, and the lot, these guys have actually put together a suit. Former NFL player Willie Gary, who was on the Rams Super Bowl team, wants compensation for losing the Super Bowl amidst the allegations that the Patriots taped the Rams walkthrough the day before the game. A ticket broker is also suing too. Their cases:

Willie Gary … wants each member of the Rams Super Bowl roster to receive $25,000 – the difference between the bonuses paid to the losing team and the winning team.

Gary, who now lives in Atlanta and plays arena football, also wants compensation for not receiving a Super Bowl XXXVI ring, which now sell for $125,000 on the Internet auction site eBay, according to the suit.

Through the lawsuit, the broker Kevin Hacker who also attended the Super Bowl, asked the federal court to grant 72,922 people who attended the game a full refund. At a face value of $400 per ticket, that would mean the NFL would have to return $29,168,800.

Imagine what all the people who attended Tim Donaghy officiated games would have to say in response to this suit. Good luck with it gentlemen. I don’t expect anything to happen, but it’s interesting to note the reaction from one of the Rams. Kurt Warner and Mike Martz were disturbed by the news and wanted the NFL to look into it. Dick Vermeil doubted the impact of the taping on the actual game. And Willie Gary, well, Willie Gary just wants some money out of this.

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