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Thursday, July 9, 2020

Lamar Odom reportedly bought $50,000 of cocaine from drug dealer

Lamar OdomAll the stories about Lamar Odom are starting to emerge now that he has been labeled a cocaine-smoking, pill-popping drug addict.

The former NBA Sixth Man of the Year has already been reported as a user of crack/cocaine and prescription drugs OxyContin and Ambien. Now one of his drug dealers is ratting him out.

A drug dealer told Radar Online that Odom has purchased at least $50,000 worth of cocaine from him over the last three years. The man told Radar Online that he has supplied Odom with drugs when the basketball player is in New York.

“He likes to party,” the dealer told Radar. “He’s a pretty nice guy to be honest with you, but he’s becoming … his problem seems to be becoming a bigger problem.

“In my experience, he literally likes cocaine — he is a cocaine guy. He likes to smoke it.”

Odom supposedly enjoys smoking cocaine in the freebase form, not crack form. And get this … the dealer says Odom went on a massive cocaine bender in February, just before his Los Angeles Clippers beat the New York Knicks 102-88 on Feb. 10. Odom had two points, seven rebounds, and five assists in 22 minutes that game.

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You have to wonder how a guy could get whacked out of his mind on drugs and still be a semi-effective NBA player. You also wonder how the heck the guy didn’t fail any drug tests. What the heck kind of testing program does the league have? And how are so many players consuming lean during the season and not getting busted?

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