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Friday, May 29, 2020

Video: Barack Obama Wants a Playoff for College Football, John McCain Wants to get Rid of Steroids in Sports

The much-publicized Chris Berman halftime interviews with Barack Obama and John McCain finally aired Monday night. Funny they were promoted as the last one-on-one interviews each would do prior to the election when I saw sunlight behind each candidate and darkness in D.C. for the game. Anyway, here’s the one question Berman asked both men that would interest sports fans in particular: If you could change one thing in sports, what would it be? Obama’s answer regarded the lack of a playoff system in college football, McCain’s pertained to the preponderance of performance-enhancing drugs in sports. Here’s video of each interview:

I like the answer given by both candidates. With Obama, if we were to get a playoff, I would prefer a four-team tourney, but eight is fine. McCain’s response should not be a surprise since that attitude is exactly what got him on the radar of sports fans a few years ago. I hope he continues the pursuit of regulating steroids/drugs in sports whether he wins the presidency or not. And could Obama enforce a playoff if he does win? That would be sweet!

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