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Brock Lesnar WWE contract likely includes new UFC option

Brock Lesnar

News that Brock Lesnar will fight at UFC 200 left many wondering about his WWE contract and what kind of provision it has for him to fight in the UFC.

While we do not know the exact terms and language of it, we do have some insight.

What We Know:

Lesnar signed a three-year deal with the WWE on March 23, 2015. That would put him at 14.5 months into his contract.

At the time he signed his contract, Lesnar said he was still training for MMA and still very much had interest in a comeback. The UFC was trying hard to sign him and even doubled their offer to him according to Lesnar, but the superstar was not swayed.

What is Being Speculated:

Though Lesnar’s deal with the WWE is exclusive, he may have worked an option to fight in the UFC.

Front Row Brian is a very reliable source for all things MMA-related and floated that Lesnar was seeking more money from the WWE prior to WrestleMania 32 and used that as leverage to get the UFC option in his contract changed.

Would the WWE be upset about Lesnar fighting in the Octagon?

Lesnar made his fame in the WWE and then helped give the UFC a huge boost by fighting there, so there is little doubt which of the promotions gains more when he fights in MMA. However, the UFC has grown even more in the past four years since Lesnar last fought there, and they have their own fan base and ability to generate headlines. All this speculation means there will be a lot more interest in Brock’s next moves. The more buzz surrounding one of the WWE’s superstars is a good thing, as it should mean higher ratings/more intrigue for programming he appears on. And as our wrestling insider Big Daddy mentioned to us, the organizations could do some sort of WWE/UFC champion co-promotions and branding, which would benefit both companies.

Brock Lesnar UFC 200 opponent could be announced soon

Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar has been toying with the idea of returning to the UFC on and off for the past several years, and it sounds like he may actually be making his return to the Octagon.

MMA Fighting’s Ariel Helwani reported on Saturday that Lesnar is in negotiations with the UFC about fighting at UFC 200 on July 9. Helwani described it as the two sides being in “serious talks” and that they are “close to finalizing a deal.” Helwani also said that Lesnar’s opponent is not close to being finalized, but that might not be accurate. First off, they must have some potential opponents in mind considering the card date is only a month away.

Also, MMA insider Front Row Brian says the opponent may be revealed on Monday.

The report of Lesnar possibly fighting at UFC 200 led many to question the status of his contract with the WWE. Lesnar is in the second year of a three-year deal with the WWE.

Lesnar is one of the biggest draws in UFC history. The former UFC heavyweight champion began fighting in the Octagon in 2007 and claimed the heavyweight championship in his fourth professional fight when he beat Randy Couture in 2008. He successfully defended his title twice before losing two fights in a row and stepping away from the Octagon. He has not fought in the UFC since the end of 2011, when he lost to Alistair Overeem.

Lesnar battled diverticulitis at the time but has flirted with the idea of a return many times since. So while the report is surprising, it should not be entirely shocking.

Brock Lesnar: Ronda Rousey is ‘a man amongst women’

Brock Lesnar had some pretty high praise for Ronda Rousey on Tuesday, but some feel that what he said about the UFC women’s bantamweight champion was borderline offensive.

During an appearance on SportsCenter, Lesnar was asked about Rousey’s dominance and if she needs someone to step up and actually test her limits in a fight. Lesnar referred to Rousey as “a man amongst women,” which isn’t sitting well with everyone.

“She’s a super athlete in a weak division,” he said. “I think she is a man amongst women in the women’s division. I take my hat off to her. She’s doing an excellent job at what she’s doing. I don’t know how she’s juggling everything — movies, this, that, the other thing and going to Brazil and kicking butt over there. My hat’s off to you, Ronda.

“I’m not taking any talent away from her at all. I think she’s a super beast in the women’s division.”

Bethe Correia Ronda Rousey

We know Lesnar didn’t mean any of that as an insult. The point he was making is that there seems to be no one who can challenge Rousey right now. If you watch the video from Rousey’s last fight, you’ll know exactly what he means.

That said, people have a tendency to compare great female competitors to great male competitors just because they are great. Rousey would probably rather be looked at as a great female competitor who is just a better fighter among lesser competition.

Video via The Big Lead

Brock Lesnar once suplexed Chiefs player for cheap-shotting Daunte Culpepper

Brock Lesnar

Many years ago, long before he left the WWE to become the UFC heavyweight champion of the world, Brock Lesnar tried to make it as an NFL player. Lesnar famously tried out for the Minnesota Vikings during the preseason in 2004 and was cut before the season began. Though he did not make the team, he left behind quite the imprint.

Former Vikings wide receiver Nate Burleson related a story from training camp on NFL Network’s “Total Access” Monday about the time Lesnar suplexed an opponent for hitting his quarterback late.

“Somebody cheapshotted Daunte Culpepper late. Brock was like, ‘who did it?’,” Burleson recalled. “The next play, he went and suplexed the guy. He picked up a grown man after the play. It was a royal rumble — Minnesota vs. Kansas City in Mankato — during training camp. That was a nasty suplex on the football field.”

Here is video of the incident:

USA Today’s Tom Pelissero tells us that the incident was even more awesome than the video shows:

We’re guessing Lesnar earned a lot of respect from his teammates after defending Culpepper with a suplex. Those Chiefs probably started tip-toeing around him after that. Nobody wants to be on the receiving end of a dozen F5s the way John Cena was last year.

H/T r/SquaredCircle

Brock Lesnar destroys car in awesome Street Fighter GIF


WWE superstar Brock Lesnar went bananas on a Cadillac during the latest installment of “RAW” on Monday night. The car was a gift from Seth Rollins to J&J Security, and LB mentioned previously that Lesnar looked like he was trying to score bonus points in Street Fighter II while he was smashing the crap out of it.

Thanks to our friend Nick Pants, we now know exactly what that would look like:

As funny as that is, Lesnar’s stunt nearly had some serious consequences. As you can see in this video, Brock ripped off a rear door of the Cadillac and hurled it toward the crowd. A piece of the door allegedly hit a kid, who was examined by paramedics and later returned to his seat.

Brock Lesnar throws car door into crowd, allegedly hits kid (Video)

Brock Lesnar went wild while putting on a show at “RAW” on Monday Night at Allstate Arena in Rosemont, Ill., and his actions may have had some consequences.

Lesnar decided to destroy a car on the show — a new Cadillac Seth Rollins gave to J&J Security last week — and he went to work on it with a sledgehammer like he was going for bonus points on Street Fighter II. At one point, he ripped off a rear door and heaved it into the crowd, where it reportedly hit a kid.

If you look at the bottom right of this video, you can see someone hit the ground:

And here is video of Lesnar going to town on the thing like he was trying to beat up one of his opponents in the UFC:

Brock Lesnar car door

A report says the fan was examined by paramedics and taken backstage before being brought back to his seat. He reportedly was fine.

Here’s hoping nobody was injured from that awesome display of rage by Lesnar. That’s the best thing we’ve seen him do since his suplex streak against John Cena at SummerSlam last year.

H/T R/Squared Circle

Paul Heyman: Brock Lesnar enjoying WWE too much to leave for UFC


Just when it started to look like Brock Lesnar was all but certain to return to the UFC and continue his mixed martial arts career, the wrestling star extended his contract with the WWE. Why? Because he was having so much fun.

In a recent interview for “Stone Cold” Steve Austin’s podcast, Lesnar’s manager Paul Heyman said Brock was close to returning to the Octagon before he took some time to think about how enjoyable his most recent WWE run has been.

“The discussion in his head never got to, ‘Well, who’s my first opponent going to be?’ The discussion in his head was, ‘Whoever they put in front of me, I’m going to be ready,'” Heyman explained, via Damon Martin of FOX Sports. “I think Brock was very torn by his decision because this run in WWE truly was so enjoyable.

“Here he is for the first time in his life, he’s healthy. He’s healthy, what could he accomplish now even at 37 years old? Weighing that against we’ve had a blast here in WWE. He’s enjoying himself in WWE for really the first time. He never took the time to sit back and say, ‘Man, this is enjoyable.'”

At one point, even WWE officials believed Lesnar was set on returning to the UFC. Instead, Brock still turned the UFC down after Dana White doubled his offer at the last second.

Had it not been for Lesnar’s battle with diverticulitis, a life-threatening condition that nearly took his life several years ago, he would not have left the UFC so soon. And had it not been for the WWE pumping out great scripts for Lesnar, he probably would have returned to the Octagon.

Brock Lesnar staying with WWE despite UFC doubling offer at last second

Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar announced on Tuesday that his MMA career is officially over, as he has signed a new contract to remain with the WWE. The 37-year-old told ESPN’s SportsCenter that he made a very difficult decision to turn down the UFC.

“It was a very hard decision at this stage of my career,” Lesnar said. “The fighter inside me wants to compete. The father and husband — I’m an older caveman now. I make wiser caveman decisions. So, I’m here to say my legacy in the Octagon is over.

“It was a hard decision to make. It took me a year. I’ve thought about this for a year. At the end of the day, it’s all about me wanting to have fun. The last two-and-a-half months I’ve been training to get back into the Octagon. I felt physically great, but something lacked mentally — and that’s not good.”

Lesnar told the Associated Press that UFC CEO Lorenzo Fertitta pushed hard to get him to reconsider, even offering to double the UFC’s initial offer after Lesnar told Fertitta and Dana White that he was sticking with wrestling.

“Lorenzo said to me, ‘Can we sharpen our pencil? Can we double it?'” Lesnar said. “I said, ‘It’s not about that. I’m calling you to tell you where my heart is, and it’s not about the money.’

“And then in the back of my mind, I’m thinking, ‘Well, yeah, it is about the money, but I don’t have to beat myself up for it.’ To prepare for another MMA fight, we’re talking 16, 18 weeks of pure hell, and then the cage door shuts and it’s on.”

In an interview with FOX Sports shortly after Lesnar announced his decision, White said he was “happy” for the former UFC heavyweight champ and that he heard Vince McMahon made Lesnar an offer he couldn’t turn down.

Either something changed in the last several weeks, or Lesnar knew he was staying with the WWE all along and is a great negotiator. For a while it was reported that Lesnar had hit a contract snag with McMahon and company and that WWE executives expected him to return to the octagon.

H/T MMAfighting

WrestleMania main event script supposedly leaked (or not)


Most wrestling fans expect Brock Lesnar to lose his WWE World Heavyweight Championship match against Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 31 later this month. The exact way the match is going to play out has supposedly been leaked.

SB Nation’s wrestling site Cageside Seats claims to have received a copy of the WrestleMania 31 main event script, which you can read here. As expected, Reigns is said to be scripted in as the winner.

If Cageside Seats’ information is accurate, Vince McMahon has a big hand in the main event. He is supposedly going to enter the ring as a surprise referee and fire Lesnar on the spot, which would make sense if the information we heard about Lesnar’s contract negotiations with the WWE is true.

Of course, the WWE has time to change the WrestleMania script if the leaked one is accurate. They don’t want their fans knowing ahead of time.

A WWE representative told Larry Brown Sports that the leaked script is “completely inaccurate.”

UPDATE: As it turns out, the SB Nation piece was merely satire. Man, that would have been fun. Oh well.

Report: Brock Lesnar has hit contract snag with WWE

Brock Lesnar

Either Brock Lesnar is planning to return to the UFC, or he is simply using the prospect of reviving his mixed martial arts career as leverage in contract discussions with the WWE.

Lesnar has just over a month remaining on his deal with the WWE. He was scheduled to appear on Monday Night Raw this week but instead walked out of the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville after the WWE had promoted his appearance just 20 minutes before the live broadcast.

According to MMA Fighting, Lesnar and WWE CEO Vince McMahon have hit a snag in contract discussions. While the issue has been described as “resolvable,” it must be fairly significant if Lesnar decided to bail on Raw at the last second.

Lesnar has four scheduled appearances remaining on his current WWE contract. He is set to headline WrestleMania on March 29, where he will fight Roman Reigns in a championship match that many expect Lesnar to lose. Reigns, aka Joe Anoa’i, is a former Georgia Tech football star. The belief is that McMahon and company want him to be the organization’s next featured star.

While a previous report indicated that WWE officials expect Lesnar to sign with the UFC when his current deal is up, the 38-year-old’s health may not allow it. Lesnar may have some concerns about concussions that could prevent him from returning to mixed martial arts.

In addition to concussion concerns, Lesnar has battled a condition in recent years that nearly took his life in 2009. Given his age and health history, signing a new contract with the WWE may make the most sense.