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Thursday, April 9, 2020

Ronda Rousey suffered gruesome finger injury while filming ‘911’ show

Ronda Rousey WWE

Ronda Rousey is no longer subjecting her body to the types of hazards associated with mixed martial arts, but that did not save the former UFC champion from suffering a brutal injury last week.

Rousey was filming a scene for the FOX television show “911” in Mexico last week when she suffered a gruesome finger injury. Rousey, who plays an LA firefighter named Lena on the show, was doing a scene where she was supposed to dramatically slam a door, but there was an accident. A source told TMZ “she was a little over-exuberant and slammed the door on her finger.”

TMZ shared a graphic photo of the injury, and you probably don’t want to look at it unless you have a strong stomach. Rousey actually damaged two fingers, with her middle finger being broken and having a tendon nearly severed in addition to a fracture on the tip of her ring finger. The middle finger was reportedly mended using a bolt and screws.

Not surprisingly, Rousey kept her composure during the incident. She reportedly continued filming the scene until a director intervened, at which point she was taken to a local hospital. She was back on set the next morning.

Rousey has enjoyed a successful career since leaving the UFC, though she recently hinted at some potentially big changes. However, she is apparently serious enough about her acting endeavors that she’s willing to keep shooting a scene with her finger practically falling off.

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