LBS Now Hosting Sunday Mornings on Sporting News Radio

We apologize for interrupting your normally scheduled programming to bring you this announcement. Some of you may have been aware that aside from updating LBS with frivolous sports content, I also host a show and do sports updates on Sporting News Radio. For the past 6-7 months, I had been hosting a Friday overnight show but that shift has moved to Sunday mornings. Meaning if you’re on the East Coast, you can kick off your NFL Sundays with me from 7am-10am on your local Sporting News affiliate or at radio.sportingnews.com. If you’re on the West Coast, I know it’s early but should you happen to be up sometime between 4am-7am PT, you can put on 1090am in So Cal to catch the show. This weekend we have the pleasure of being joined by former Super Bowl MVP Doug Williams at 5:25am PT/8:25am ET. We’ll also talk shop with Hall of Famer Warren Moon at 6:30am PT/9:30am ET. Keep it in mind if you happen to be up early on Sundays and thanks for reading.

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  • SpinMax

    Harsh hours! how will you stay awake on sunday

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    I do updates after the show so the games keep me awake … hard not to stay pumped up for an NFL sunday

  • Gene

    Good news for most of us, but not for truckers and other night people like Big Reg In The D.

  • http://larrybrown@sportingnewsradio.com Phillip M Forrester

    I flipped on the local ESPN radio affiliate to hear the wrap on NCAA football. Instead I got Lars the 90 year old Norweigian explaining how fish oil has kept him healthy all of his life. Fish oil, Norway? Norweigians fish. They eat fish, can fish, smoke fish,bury fish in the ground, export fish, etc. Anyway, found your show and it is very entertaining. No pre-conceived agenda, nice thought. I will listen to you on Sunday mornings from now on. By the way, I am in Scottsdale AZ, so it is early.