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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Brett Lawrie’s thrown helmet hits umpire, suspension likely (Video)

Blue Jays third baseman Brett Lawrie went overboard on an umpire during Tuesday’s game and can expect a suspension because of it. Lawrie was upset about being called out on strikes by homeplate umpire Bill Miller on a pitch he thought was up in the zone. Lawrie began heading to first for what he thought was ball four, but he snapped after hearing Miller say it was the third strike. Lawrie went crazy and chucked his helmet into the ground, right at the umpire’s feet. He was immediately ejected and can expect a suspension from MLB for the incident.

Lawrie defended himself after the game, and apologized for his actions.

“That was not my intention at all,” Lawrie said. “I’ve never, ever done anything to go at an umpire before in my life, and I didn’t mean to tonight. I apologize for that.

“It’s just my passion for the game,” he said. “I wanted to help my teammates out as best I could. That’s the pride I have in this game. I leave my emotions out on the field.”

Miller filed a report with MLB after the game, and said Lawrie went too far.

“Upon seeing that he was ejected, he took several steps toward me and fired his helmet. It hit me in the right hip,” Miller said.

“That’s a bit extreme,” Miller said.

As if being hit by a helmet wasn’t bad enough, a Jays fan threw a drink at Miller after the game:

As we’ve seen in the past, baseball leagues take great measures to protect their umpires. Yorvit Torrealba was suspended 66 games by the Venezuelan League for pushing an umpire during a game. Delmon Young got a 50-game suspension for throwing his bat at an umpire during a minor league game. Lawrie can expect a suspension as well.

H/T Jimmy Traina, Drunk Jays Fans

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