Chipper Jones takes shot at Tim Hudson over first pitch snubbing

Chipper-Jones-first-pitchDuring the playoffs, Atlanta Braves players decided to boycott a first pitch that was thrown out by Chipper Jones. Rather than his ceremonial pitch being caught by a former teammate, Jones had to throw it to Atlanta’s mascot. The reason? Chipper had gone on the radio earlier that day and predicted the Los Angeles Dodgers would win their NLDS series against the Braves in four games — which, by the way, is exactly what happened.

In any event, Chipper clearly has not gotten over his former teammates snubbing him. On Sunday, he took a quick jab at Tim Hudson, who recently signed with the San Francisco Giants.

Chipper was obviously planning on using that one for a while, because it seemed like he forced the joke. He later tweeted that he was just kidding and wishes Hudson the best with his new team.

When it comes to Twitter, Jones simply can’t help himself. He has done everything from defending former Rutgers basketball coach Mike Rice to urging fans to boycott games that are umpired by a certain ump. In August, Chipper said he was quitting Twitter because he couldn’t take the trolling anymore. He probably should have followed through with that.

H/T Hardball Talk

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  • johnnyjunior

    When it’s all over and the dust settles … Larry Wayne Jones, Jr. is no more than a redneck from GA who was good at baseball.

  • Guest

    “which, by the way, is exactly what happened.” Check your facts. The Braves lost but they didnt get swept. Also JohnnyJunior Larry Wayne Jones Jr is from Florida. So far this page is 0-2. Great job.

  • Anthony13

    @ Guest – check your own facts. The word “sweep” wasn’t mentioned in the article. You can’t get swept in four games in a best of five series.
    @ johnnyjunior – Jones is from Florida, not Georgia. When you want to insult someone, it helps to get your information correct.