Derek Jeter has fractured ankle, out for playoffs (Video)

Derek Jeter is out for the postseason after fracturing his ankle while fielding a ground ball at short during the top of the 12th inning of ALCS Game 1 between the Yankees and Tigers on Saturday.

The Yankees shortstop was trying to field a grounder from Tigers shortstop Jhonny Peralta when he went down to the ground in obvious pain. He tried passing the ball to Robinson Cano to make a play, but his efforts were fruitless and Peralta reached on an infield single.

Jeter was carried off the field and replaced by Jayson Nix at shortstop. Detroit scored on the next batter to increase their lead to 6-4.

Yankees manager Joe Girardi told the media after the game that Jeter suffered a fractured ankle on the play and that he was out for three months. Eduardo Nunez will replace Jeter on the postseason roster.

Girardi also told the media that Alex Rodriguez was not an option to replace Jeter at shortstop and that it would either be Nix or Nunez playing shortstop.

“I wouldn’t do that. It’s just been too long,” Girardi said.

Rodriguez was a Gold Glove shortstop before switching to third base when he signed with the Yankees. He’s only played shortstop five games since joining the club.

Jeter has been bothered by an ankle injury since September. He left a Sept. 12 game at Boston with a sprained ankle and served as the team’s designated hitter the next few games while trying to heal. He also hurt his left foot on Oct. 10 against the Orioles.

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  • JamesT32

    So much for his pointless hesitance in admitting that the ankle was bothering him in any way, at least that silly daily charade has reached its end.  World won’t stop turning and they’ll just have to hope Nix or Nunez can go out there and overachieve and provide a much-needed spark.  Doubtful, but stranger things have happened.

  • SpinMax

    it’s all an act, he saw the series slipping away and ohhhh I’m hurt

  • JamesT32

    Saw the whole series slipping away because of an imminent loss in Game 1? lol  I have no doubt you’re likely very stupid, but I’m guessing you can’t possibly be THAT stupid.

  • Mezerewsky

    Go f yourself

  • Mezerewsky

    you go f yourself too, how insensitive…get to the gym or do you even work out to know what its like to be injured…probably not, probably sat watching the game eating greasy chicken wings and beer for a nice fat belly

  • Mezerewsky

    And a new star is born….is’nt that how we all get a start, someone not able for what ever reason and a new chance emerges.  I wish him well and a speedy recovery, have not read one indicaton about his well being, he’s a man not an object.

  • Kevin_Indianapolis

    Coming back from a broken ankle at his age is no picnic.  But if anyone can do it, Jeter can.  He just won’t be playing for a potential World Series winner when he returns.  That team is dead.  D E A D.

  • payne_10

    I hate the Yankees with a passion, but I don’t think for one minute Jeter would fake a season-ending injury.  That guy’s a warrior.  “He saw the season slipping away”in Game 1 of a series? Please.

  • MisplacedNYfan

    Spinmax, An idiot would be at least six steps above what you are. And don’t count the Yanks out just yet. There is a lot of talent on the team. That’s why everyone else hates them (jealousy).
    Even with all the injuries this year, they still made it to the playoffs, that speaks volumes for the team.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jared.wilcox.77 Jared Wilcox

    They’re looking really great right now…except for scoring runs.

  • JamesT32

    @Kevin_Indianapolis:disqus  – Not looking good in the ALCS, but are you actually insinuating Jeter will be returning to nothing more than a “DEAD” baseball team in the spring?  Dead even though they just racked up yet another division title and can still spend like nobody’s business when so inclined?  Flawed as they are in certain areas they’re still looking at ending up as the second best team in the AL this year.  What, exactly are you expecting next year?  .500?  90 losses?  100?  Surely you’re not that dumb, but then again, you apparently are.  I certainly get that you likely abhor everything about them in some childish, jealous way, but be that as it may you still must face facts at day’s end if you don’t want to render yourself ridiculous.  Just another example of how impressionable, misguided and flat clueless many people are.