Florida’s favorite baseball team? The Yankees, of course

The people of Florida have spoken, and their favorite baseball team is the Yankees. The New York Yankees.

Quinnipiac University recently conducted a poll asking Florida baseball fans about their favorite team. The Bronx Bombers came in at the top with 20 percent of the survey, edging out Florida’s own Tampa Bay Rays, who had 18 percent. The Miami Marlins, despite winning two World Series (once against those ever-popular Yanks) in their brief existence, placed third with 15 percent. The Boston Red Sox rounded out the top four with 8 percent.

Nearly 2,000 Florida adults participated in the poll, which was conducted between May 15 through 21 and has a 2.2 margin of error. According to the survey, 46 percent of the state’s adults are “very interested” or “somewhat interested” in pro baseball.

“Florida has only a 19-year tradition with Major League Baseball, so there is less fan interest, with the possible exception of those transplanted New Yorkers and their offspring,” Peter A. Brown, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute, told the Orlando Sentinel.

The Yankees have a huge following across the country and draw huge crowds on the road because of that fact. So, they would probably poll near the top in most states, while, ironically, polling possibly just as well in a survey on the most hated teams.

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  • Anonymous

     Yea…..I believe that. I live in the Tampa Bay area. The Yankees are my team. I’m a Rays fan, I root for the Rays, attend games. Not only when the Yankees are in town, but even when other teams are going up against the Rays I go to the game. The Yankees were here long before the Rays. George Steinbrenner had his home in Tampa. Jeter just built his water front mansion in Tampa. Tampa loves George and Jeter. The Yankees do spring training in Tampa. The stadium in Tampa is like a mini Yankee Stadium. It was built largely to replicate the stadium in NY.