Hawk Harrelson gets stereotypical, says Chen-Chang Lee has ‘typical Asian motion’

Hawk HarrelsonChicago White Sox broadcaster Hawk Harrelson is best known for being a huge homer and not for delivering play-by-play with the type of tact that legends like Vin Scully display. So it’s probably not too surprising to hear the poor phrasing he used when talking about Cleveland Indians pitcher Chen-Chang Lee.

Lee is a relief pitcher from Taiwan who threw 4.1 innings last season in the bigs. He made his season debut on Thursday and pitched 1.1 innings of scoreless relief against the Sox. While he was facing his second batter of the inning, the White Sox announcing team seemed intrigued by his sidearm delivery and sweeping finish.

“It’s a nasty slider from down under,” Steve Stone said about a slider Alexei Ramirez took for a strike.

“Yeah that’s a typical Asian motion,” said Hawk. “Deception involved.”


Yes, many Asian pitchers have different motions from North American pitchers. They most likely have different instruction in Japan and other Asian countries compared to North America, which is also why many Asian hitters have different stances, swings and finishes from what we’re used to seeing. Hideo Nomo had his tornado thing, Dice K Matsuzaka had a hesitation, and Hiroki Kuroda has a hitch in his leg kick, just to give a few examples.

But is Lee’s motion a “typical Asian motion”? If so, what is a typical Asian motion, Hawk?

If Hawk wanted to point out that many Asian pitchers have something with their delivery that is different from what we are used to seeing, that would be fine. If he wanted to say Lee has a tough ball to pick up because it’s sidearm, that’s fine. But what about this was typical Asian deception? The way he phrased and worded things was just plain bad.

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  • chuck

    This is some bs. He was talking about how Asian pitchers hide the ball for the majority of their time before delivery, which is very common in the leagues in China, Tawain and Japan. He was talking about how the pitch setup and subsequent pitch are deceiving, not that Asians deceiving people (which isn’t even a stereotype I’ve ever heard of). Hawk Harrelson sucks and is a bad broadcaster but he’s not a racist.

  • JeopardyGeorge

    Did you run out of real crap to report on? Take your PC and insert it in your anal orifice. You point out that that “Yes, many Asian pitchers have different motions from North American pitchers” in one paragraph, and then ask “If so, what is a typical Asian motion, Hawk?”. What an a$$hat.

  • speedle24

    So what you moron? Who the hell writes this crap anyway, the federal office of political correctness? I thought this was a sports blog, not the feminization depot.

  • Topazinator

    He’s right, of course, but the way the self-anointed “Progessives” have forced themselves on the language, describing anything anymore is hardly worth the attendant heartburn.

  • leroy

    i agree with you that this article is garbage but you realize that talking about “feminization” like it’s obviously a bad thing actually does imply that women are generally inferior, right?

  • speedle24

    No, not at all. Women are women and men are men. The problem is that men are becoming more like women and vice versa. The pop culture seems inundated with political correctness, and that means any playful satire that might hurt someone’s feelings is deemed either racist, homophobic, or any other “uncool” neo definition that some media jerk off has coined. That is a female trait traditionally.

  • bobbybaseball

    Nothing to see here. Move on.