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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Jamie Buehrle’s Facebook Tells Us Mark Won the Gold Glove

And the social media world strikes again. Gold Glove award winners will be announced on Tuesday. Well, most of them will be announced on Tuesday. One surprise announcement came on Monday.  Chicago Breaking Sports did some deep digging to keep all of us ahead of the curve and on the cutting edge.  By deep digging I mean they were creeping on Jamie Buehrle’s Facebook page.

Jamie let the Facebook world — and now all of us — know that Mark Buehrle won his second Gold Glove award with a congratulatory post dedicated to her better half.  The post read, “So proud of my husband.  He is now a TWO time gold glove winner!!!”  I think it’s safe to say she qualifies as a source close to the situation.

Either Jamie wasn’t aware the award winners would be announced tomorrow, or she’s a woman after our own hearts and wants to be the first to get the info out there.  Regardless, Buehrle winning a Gold Glove isn’t really a surprise.  He was the best in the majors with 11 pickoffs and came close on a couple others but was called for balks, prompting Joe West to toss Ozzie Guillen for no reason.  He also made this ridiculous play on Opening Day.  I’ll check out the Facebook pages of all the other candidates’ wives and let you know what I find.  What?  It’s my job…

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