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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Jimmy Rollins, Friend of the Radio Show Contest Winners

Maybe I’m more skeptical than the average person, but when someone comes knocking on my door I’m always expecting the worst. Apparently that’s not the case with Jimmy Rollins, or the kids who came a-knockin on his door was extremely persuasive. Some high schoolers were trying to win tickets to the Eagles/Giants game by getting a celebrity to call into a radio show to win a contest. Naturally they headed straight to J-Roll’s pad:

John Buto, 17, a senior at Kingsway Regional High, in Woolwich, Gloucester County, knocked on Rollins’ door after school Tuesday along with a few friends and politely explained the contest to Rollins. To Buto’s surprise, J-Roll invited the gang into his home and called Wired host Kannon’s show.

Buto says Rollins couldn’t have been nicer and spent about 15 minutes with the group as the call-in line was busy. Buto says he’s not worried about another listener getting a bigger VIP because “I don’t know who’s bigger than the shortstop of the World Series champion Phillies.” If he does win, Buto plans to take his buddy Steve Borkowski, with whom he hatched the plan to ask Rollins.

Unless he bought the star maps from some kid sitting in a lawn chair on Sunset Blvd., how did Buto know where J-Roll lived? And how cool is it that Rollins helped them out? Good thing it was January when Rollins likely didn’t have much to do (clearly), otherwise he would have been in season. That’s pretty sweet of Rollins to help the kids out.

Via Ben Maller

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