Yankees manager Girardi argues with reporter

New York Yankees manager Joe Girardi capped an upsetting 5-4 loss to the Orioles on Saturday in Baltimore by getting into an argument with one of the writers who covers the team.

Girardi apparently called New York Post writer Joel Sherman into his office after being frustrated with an exchange the two had during the postgame news conference, and the two began to argue.

In the video below, you can see Girardi answer two questions about pitcher CC Sabathia’s struggles before Sherman jumps into the mix. The Girardi-Sherman exchange that instigated the argument begins at the 3:30 mark:

Here’s how the exchange went:

“I think [the previous reporter] might have just asked my question,” Sherman acknowledged. “Are you convinced CC (Sabathia) is healthy?” he asked.

“Yes, this is the third time, yes. Yes, he’s healthy,” Girardi replied.

“It’s part of the game,” Sherman said in response, trying to defend his question after noticing Girardi seemed irked.

“I know, but I was asked three times,” said Girardi.

“Still part of the game,” Sherman continued.

“No, I’m not lying. One time (to ask the question) is sufficient,” an annoyed Girardi told Sherman.

“Joe, you make big money as Yankee manager, it’s part of the job,” we believe Sherman said to end the exchange, though it was tough to tell exactly what he said.

Girardi shook his head at Sherman, didn’t respond, and then fielded a question from another reporter. It was after the press conference when things got really heated.

According to an account from ESPN’s Andrew Marchand, Girardi called Sherman into his office where they had a heated confrontation. The two reportedly went nose-to-nose in an argument, with Girardi telling Sherman not to tell him how to do his job, and Sherman saying the same thing back to Girardi. Marchand says the two had to be separated by security.

You can question whether Sherman was out of line with his aggressive approach with Girardi (as radio host Evan Cohen points out to us, it’s worth noting that Sherman has been critical of Girardi in the past), but it’s pretty clear that between this and Girardi’s explosion on a heckler last month, the manager is feeling the pressure. Couple the Yankees losing their division lead with the awful call that cost them the game on Saturday, and it’s easy to see why Girardi is so edgy.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/David-Snay/100000023814807 David Snay

     It appears to me that the reporter was edging Girardi on, just trying to get a rise out of him.  He’s probably hoping ESPN notices that he exists.  If the reporter can’t make it on talent, he’ll try to get big time by being notorious.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_37FNZPM67BCLKDIISGIWUX3DE4 Klingon Karl

    Sherman is an idiot.  What does Girardi’s salary have to do with anything?  If the question has already been asked and answered, what did he hope to accomplish by asking it again?  I don’t blame the manager for being annoyed.  Heck, I’M annoyed at him just reading about it.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QX4NWMDDEVY2NTBBY3RBRGF6NM squeaker…

    Some of these reporters are annoying and arrogant.  Ever watch snotty little Mike Lupica pout when someone questions his thoughts or actions?

  • chuckkurt

    What a schmuck reporter. Ask the same question again and again and again until the manager yells at him. And then using the same stupid response in his defense:”It’s part of the game.” And apparently being an a-hole is part of being a reporter.

  • http://twitter.com/tillzen tillzen

    The knucklehead here is Girardi. The tighter the pennant race becomes, the tighter Joe gets. How else can you explain his bringing Tex back too soon? How the Yankees could have allowed this is the real issue but they’ll have the off season to ponder this as we are going nowhere fast.

  • omikehawk

    He should put in a call to have Bobby V come over and pummel da bum!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/V5UAN7UKVOKZQNADQSDX5HBGAQ Carroll

    Sports reporters and dung beetles come out from under the same rock…

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jeff-Lieber/708471270 Jeff Lieber

    @tillzen you must be a reporter….is the story  talking about Tex? it is a story about a Dumb ass reporter egging Giradi on. what a Moron you and The reporter are

  • http://www.facebook.com/anthony.cirigliano.94 Anthony Cirigliano

    girardi should just repeat the same non-answer to every question, or give them a little  “stengelese”

  • David

    Let’s see, you ask a question for the third time, what was Sherman doing?  Apparently not his job if he wasn’t sure someone else asked. Because Girardi gets paid big money means he has to tolerate idiocy?  It was Sherman who kept the the argument going.  He acted like a cub reporter and got called out, and got his feelings hurt.

    I saw the video with the heckler, and in my opinion, Girardi was the only one in the hall/room with the good sense to stop it, quickly and with a minimim of interrution.