Joe Morgan: Chase Utley Could be Best Hitting Second Baseman Ever

Yeah I know, I almost fell over in my chair after hearing none other than Joe Morgan utter those very words on Sunday. Morgan — the same guy who is so egotistical he placed himself in the middle of history to brag about something he never did during his career — actually doled out a compliment on Sunday. To a second baseman. To someone who doesn’t play for the Reds. To a present-day player. Imagine that! This is also the same Morgan who I’m told by Chicago-sports connoisseur Lance Johnson, upset Cubs fans by failing to give Ryne Sandberg credit. Perhaps Morgan’s turned over a new leaf. I don’t have the actual quote, but after Chase Utley hit his second home run of the ballgame on Sunday to make it Utley 4 and the Mets 0, Morgan said that Utley may end up being the greatest hitting second baseman ever.

That’s right, Joe Morgan thinks Utley could be better than Morgan himself was! Joe really outdid himself, absolutely gushing over Utley. As the replays continued to show yet another moonshot by Utley, Morgan raved: “he’s got a beautiful stroke … what a beautiful swing … great hands.” Seriously, it was like Morgan wanted to mount Utley after the game for a post-game celebration if you know what I mean. I don’t know what got Joe so off-hinged, but he’s right — Utley could wind up being the best hitting second baseman of all-time. Right now that honor belongs to Jeff Kent, but the way Chase is going, the title will be his. Utley’s just the best all-around hitting second baseman we’ve seen — simple as that. And Joe actually complimented him! Isn’t that crazy?

By the way, if you’re a parent, that is exactly how you want your kid’s swing to look; it’s text book.

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  • Gene

    It is indeed shocking to hear that Joe Morgan gave any credit to anyone who did not, or does not, play for the Cincinnati Reds. Utley truly does have the potential to surpass Jeff Kent IF he can stay healthy.

    However, everyone seems to be overlooking the guy who will probably never be surpassed as the greatest hitting second baseman. I know “never” is a long time, and the guy I’m thinking of is acknowledged to be the consummate horse’s ass, but Rogers Hornsby’s feats with the bat do indeed appear to be beyond reach. For instance, in 1922, the guy hit .401 with 42 homers and 152 rbi. He also had 250 hits and 46 doubles that year. His lifetime average of .358 is second only to Ty Cobb’s .367.

    Get the picture?

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    It’s probably because of the era he played in that Hornsby gets overlooked. Those stats are tough to equate to today’s game.

  • Gene

    In that case, people should stop using the word “ever” and start saying “post WWII” or “past 50 years”. Babe Ruth’s stats, and those of the pitchers, such as Lefty Grove, Christy Mathewson, Walter Johnson, etc. are still utilized, so it isn’t just the era.

    Hornsby was not the nicest guy. His press agent was probably an ancestor of Barry Bonds’ PR guy. As a result, not many people are aware of the monster years he had in the 1920’s.

  • steve

    it was actually jon miller, not joe morgan, there goes your little article.

  • steve

    nevermind i just watched it youre right.