Kate Upton goes gaga after boyfriend Justin Verlander tosses her souvenir ball (GIF)

The lovely Kate Upton took in Monday’s Yankees-Tigers game at Yankee Stadium and received a nice souvenir from a special friend.

Upton’s boyfriend Justin Verlander wasn’t pitching during the game, so he had some time to flirt with his girlfriend, who was sitting in the premium seats behind the dugout.

You can see Upton mouth something to Verlander to the effect of “I was here the whole time.”

Verlander then flips her a ball that seems to have a message written on it, because Katie cakes reads it and then makes a gaga face before giving her boyfriend a heart symbol with her hands. How cute. It’s just like watching a couple of middle schoolers.

Look at this face:

Kate Upton Justin Verlander

Everything Verlander knows about tossing girls balls during games he learned from Alex Rodriguez.

GIF via @cjzero

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  • wiggumc1

    I bet he tosses some other balls her way on a regular basis, too.

  • SpinMax

    If you pause it on just the right frame, it looks like he wrote this: 8=====>

  • Ma Lakka

    i thought they broke up? shes hot but prolly ditzy and dumb as hell… epic tits tho…no ass and no hourglass figure tho

  • trucker332011

    The Justeen/Kate love story is pretty old and the butt kissing media won’t let it die.