Why LeBron Is No Longer “The King”

For most of his career, LeBron James has been referred to as “King James.” Well, I don’t want to hear that anymore. I’m not bitter about the fact that he won’t be wearing a Chicago Bulls jersey — it was a far-fetched dream anyways. But I’ll give you some reasons why he is no longer basketball royalty in my books:

1. Head Games: Granted, LeBron isn’t the only one who played head games with everyone during this free agency period, (Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh are just as guilty) but it was all completely ridiculous. I mean seriously, what a crappy way to announce your decision. LeBron set things up in Greenwich, Connecticut about 10 minutes away from the New York Knicks training facilities. He also requested an address change for a branch of his company from Cleveland to Chicago, and I’m sure there’s more but my head still hurts with anger. If you’re leaving, fine. Leave. Don’t be such a diva about it.

2. The “Decision”: Again, I was stricken with anger when I heard about this hour long special that ESPN hosted for LeBron. Please tell me why that was necessary? Everyone was already hanging on your every word to begin with. And don’t give me the whole “it was for charity” crap because he’s so rich he could have given them just as much money while avoiding the spectacle and it wouldn’t have impacted his bank accounts at all.

3. He’s a coward. Plain and simple. Anyone who has to go to a place and take a backseat on a team just because he wants a ring is just overflowing with cowardliness. Sorry LeBron, but are you too scared to try and win a championship without an already proven winner? Are you too scared that you’ll never win unless you’ve got a super team around you? Be a fricken’ man and be that superstar that everyone says you are. But no, now the “pressure is off” and you can just sit back and get your championship. I’ve got news for you, even if you win in Miami, it will never mean as much as if you did it somewhere else–especially Cleveland. Again, you’re a coward.

4. His lack of loyalty for the people of Cleveland is just disgusting. I don’t blame him for wanting to win, and I don’t even blame him for leaving Cleveland, but show a little respect. Like I said, the whole ESPN special just made me so angry and the fact that he had to break the hearts of the fans in Cleveland live in front of the whole nation was unforgivable. Way to make yourself the villain, Mr. James. He could have announced his decision at a press conference or something more humbling than that. It was completely disgraceful of him to do that to the people who have supported and loved him since the beginning. If nothing else, at least say sorry.

5. He led everyone on for two years. Ever since the 2008 Olympics, it was rumored that LeBron, Wade and Bosh made a pact that they would play together in Miami when 2010 free agency began. Tough decision my butt. You knew where you were going. Not just you, LeBron, but all three of you and this whole free agency drama was ridiculous. You guys want to play together — that’s perfectly fine. You think you can win championships together, yeah you have a great shot at it. But for the love of basketball, you could have just said that on July 1st.

So I’m done. No more “King James.” Next time someone says it, or I see it on the Vitamin Water commercials, I will scream. Kings are leaders, not cowards. Kings don’t take the easy way out. Kings don’t abandon their people. Sorry LeBron, you don’t fit that description. Have fun playing the role of Scottie Pippen in Miami.

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  • Patti

    Truer words have never been spoken!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NTTZHG422PSG3ULBNHTSWIFEKY Emerson Osorio

    This article is a joke and I am a Knicks fan. /you seem to forget that the NBA is a superstars league. I am sick and tired of hearing “ohhh he took the easy way out” ?? really? Kobe wanted out, he begged to Laker front office to be traded what happened few months later… congrats you got Pau Gasol an International Superstar for a bag of peanuts. Do you actually think Lebron staying in Cleveland would of beaten the Hall of Famers Big 3 in the playoffs? give me a break. Your also saying that had Lebron gone to Chicago he will be taking an easy way out because of Rose another All Star and Noah. there is No win-win situation for the LBJ. Like I said, This article is a JOKE!

  • Anonymous

    If u read the article you would have seen where he said that he didn’t blame Lebrick for wanting to leave Cleveland and win. No matter what anyone says Lebrick is a wannabe has been. As a Lebrick fan he took the easy way out and like he said himself in his shameful hour long spectacle, “he no longer has the pressure of having to go out there and score 30 points a night! Aint no hall of famer nor a true NBA allstar ever ran from that kind of pressure. Cant see Jordan or Kobe ever saying that cuz its what the fans want to see in their stars. Lebrick does not have the win by any means necessarey in him and so he opted out to go to another man’s team who has already won a tiltle and become second option on the team just to win because he no longer wanted the pressure of having to try and score 30 points every night because that kind of stage is just to big for the supposedly Chosen One.