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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Bisons manager Marty Brown takes a seat in infield after ejection (Video)

Marty-Brown-ejectionBuffalo Bisons manager Marty Brown gave fans who came to the ballpark on Sunday afternoon a special treat if they were looking for an ejection. We love to see players and coaches throwing dirt and screaming in the umpire’s face, but sometimes there is no need to be that animated. As Brown showed us, you can send a fairly strong message by simply posting up on the infield grass.

According to Deadspin, Brown was ejected in the bottom of the second inning when his second baseman attempted to field a ground ball but missed it trying to avoid the runner. Brown felt that his fielder had been interfered with and came out of the dugout to make his case. After being ejected, he simply plopped down on the infield grass behind the pitcher’s mound to soak up some rays for a few minutes.

Brown actually has a reputation for being involved in ejections. He holds the single-season and career ejection records in Japan.

We have seen managers kick catcher’s masks and steal an infield base on their way out of a game, but I can’t ever remember seeing a manager take some time to catch a tan after being tossed.  The International League has suspended the Triple-A manager for three games, but it was well worth it. Well, for us at least.

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