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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Ozzie Guillen loves Bed Bath and Beyond, says it’s a ‘relaxed place’ for him

Those of you who follow Ozzie Guillen on Twitter may have thought his account was hacked on Thursday night. Athletes and celebrities having their Twitter pages hacked has become common practice. Even worse, many of them will simply claim their page was hacked if they write something they regret or that receives too much negative attention.

None of that applied to Guillen on Thursday night, however. His tweet about Bed Bath and Beyond was totally legit.

“I like to cook. I like to be in my house,” Ozzie told reporters Friday according to the Palm Beach Post. “I like to be around my family… That’s the reason I love to go there.

“That’s a relaxed place for me. I’d rather be there than drinking. I buy a lot of stuff. I want to feel like I’m in my own house. That’s why I spend a lot of money there. It’s my favorite store.”

To each his own, right? If any manager in MLB history is going to admit they love Bed Bath and Beyond, it’s Ozzie. He also said he only buys wooden hangers and won’t hang his clothes on plastic ones. When someone commented that wooden hangers are expense, his response was, “So are my clothes.” Add this to the list of reasons we love Ozzie.

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