Paul Lo Duca and Eric Gagne Issue Weak, Non-Apologies for Using HGH/Steroids

Honestly guys, we read the Mitchell Report, you guys are fessing up, we know you did steroids and/or HGH, and in the case of Lo Duca, served as a middleman in distributing the products. Why can’t you just come out and apologize for cheating the game by using performance-enhancers? How hard is that? In case you missed it, newly signed Nationals catcher Paul Lo Duca issued an “apology” Sunday for making a mistake in his career. It was vague and unspecific, much like when Jason Giambi apologized a few years ago without saying for what he was apologizing. When asked by a reporter for what he was apologizing, Lo Duca said, “Come on, bro. Next question.”

On a similar note, Lo Duca’s best friend from his Dodger days, Eric Gagne, apologized Monday for being a distraction to the Brewers. Just last week, we had Matt Herges and Glenallen Hill apologize specifically for using performance-enhancing drugs. Yes they cheated the game, but now they’re forgiven. As soon as he was named in the report, Brian Roberts fessed up and apologized for using steroids. He said he only used them once (which is certainly questionable), but now he’s forgiven because he admitted it.

There are many players who were implicated in the Mitchell Report and so far Clemens is the only one we know of who’s refuting the charges. Mostly everyone else has admitted and apologized for their wrongdoings. We are such a forgiving country and all about second chances. It’s just a shame that Lo Duca and Gagne don’t see or realize that, because they can easily be forgiven by fans for juicing. Instead, they appear to me as players who cheated the game and are too cowardly to straight up admit their wrongdoings. That’s just sad.

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  • Ace

    Completely agree… I mean just look at Andy… we’re using terms like “honest” and “standup guy” for someone who cheated. But we use those terms becuase he was able to man up and he not only admitted he made a mistake but he actually gave it a face by acknowledging that it was HGH. When are athletes gonna learn that we don’t want to crucify them, we just want them to be honest with themselves and with us. It only gets worse if they try to fight the obvious truth (i.e. Clemens).

  • http://maxsportz.com maxsportz

    I could not name a single player besides Clemens, Petit, and Bonds (not sure if he is even in it) in the Mitchell report. No one cares. It’s over , and what is done is done. If the leagues are serious about testing, great. But they were not in the past so players did what they could get away with. As for the “but it is illegal” argument (sorry to see Jim Rome use it often). I’m not condoning drug use, but I would ask you to look at the history of bad laws. People like Ghandi, Martin Luther King JR, and Jesus were punished for breaking the “law”. I’m not comparing Barry or Roger to historically great people I’m just tired of people saying things about the legality of issues without thinking any further than “our masters say it is not ok so it must be wrong”.

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