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Thursday, July 19, 2018

Picture: Milton Bradley Wears Earplugs to Drown out Boos

The Seattle Mariners are struggling. What else is new? Hey, at least they’re better than the Red Sox, right? The difference is Boston fans can relax a little because they know how much potential their 2011 squad has. The Mariners — not so much. While they were choking away a 2-1 game to the Indians on Saturday, the boos started raining down.  Much of the crowd’s attention was directed toward Milton Bradley, who made a costly error earlier in the game and even tried to get the umpire to remove some fans who were heckling him.

Since Bradley could not stop the boos, he decided to do the mature adult thing and put in some earplugs.  I suppose that’s better than flipping the fans off or quitting on the team, right?  Check out this hilarious picture, via bubbaprog:

You can’t blame a guy for trying.  If nothing else, that’s a creative way for Bradley to make sure he keeps his temper under wraps.  Could this be the new Milton?

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