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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Sean Rodriguez Pop-Up Shatters Light Bulb at Tropicana Field (Video)

Anyone who has watched baseball since 1998 will tell you Tropicana Field is an awful venue.  When umpires have to go over ground rules before a game that involve baseballs hitting a catwalk, something is terribly wrong.  Fly balls have hit the catwalk in Tampa on numerous occasions and umpires have had to make decisions about many a mysterious play.  At least last night’s bizarre Tropicana Field moment happened in what appeared to be foul territory.  Check out the video of Sean Rodriguez’s pop-up shattering a light at Tropicana field:

Clearly Jerry Jones learned nothing from the failed design of this horrendous dome.  The grounds crew had to stop the game for about five minutes to pick up the broken pieces of glass down the third base line.  I think it’s safe to say at least 50% of the architecture meetings for the designing of the Trop included the words, “Eh, a ball isn’t gonna go that high.”

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