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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Shannon Stone’s Mother Wants Josh Hamilton to Keep Tossing Balls into Stands

Shannon Stone is a Rangers fan who died falling over a railing after trying to catch a ball Josh Hamilton threw into the stands at a game. Stone was trying to make the catch to give his son a souvenir. Instead, his son will grow up without a father. Despite the tragedy, Stone’s mother says she still wants Hamilton to throw balls to fans.

Here is what Stone’s mother, SuZann, told New York Times Magazine:

Shortly after the accident, there was some discussion about whether foul balls should be thrown into the stands to the fans. I wrote to Josh Hamilton, and I said: “Please, don’t stop throwing those balls. Because that’s so important. That’s why daddies bring their little boys to the ballgame is for memories like that. Please don’t stop.”

I think she has the right mentality. The entire tradition of players connecting with fans should not end because of a horrific, freak occurrence. The only change that should be made is the Rangers (and all sports venues) raising the railings to make it more difficult for anyone to accidentally fall.

Thanks to Big League Stew for the assist.

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