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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Video: Jacoby Ellsbury Steals Home Against Andy Pettitte and Yankees

It’s not too often that we see a player steal home. For the Red Sox, until Jacoby Ellsbury pulled off the feat Sunday night against the Yanks, the last time a Boston player had stolen home was 1994. There are several reasons why this play was so cool. For one, it’s just an absolutely thrilling play in baseball, probably second for me to watching a speedster leg out a triple (think Jose Reyes). Next, it happened in a rivalry game between the Red Sox and Yankees with the score really close (2-1). The run was really critical and it was like Boston rubbing it in New York’s face that “we’re more clever than you are.” Furthermore, that was like the emotional nail in the coffin helping Boston get the sweep. How inept and clueless do you think the Yankees felt about letting someone steal home without them knowing it? That really is a humiliating play which is strange because there isn’t anything funny about it. Anyway, enough of the foreplay, here’s the good stuff:

The Yankees didn’t even know what hit them. So embarrassing. That’s probably the biggest stolen base in Boston since Dave Roberts.

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