Woman Steals Foul Ball From Little Girl’s Hand (Video)

With a headline like that, do we even need commentary?  How does something like this happen at a Twins-Royals game while a Phillies fan — a Phillies fan of all people — was once seen giving a foul ball away to a young fan.  And that was a foul ball he nearly dove onto the field for!  Unless this woman has a sick child at home who had one request and that was for Mommy to bring home a foul ball, she has absolutely no excuse.  Check out the video of a woman stealing a foul ball from a little girl, courtesy of Sportress of Blogitude:

Catching a foul ball over a little kid is still wrong, but at least you caught the foul ball.  This lady literally took the ball out of the little girl’s hands.  Speechless.

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  • Gene

    It is interesting to see that greed and stupidity are not limited to the male sex.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ZOUVIQMPRSUFZFNBVTOH7R2CVQ gregg

    What a biatch

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_PBX5ROYBEDHVFZN4BQE5K32MRM FloridaFan

    What an asshole

  • BigAl1825

    Wow, what a B.