Proposed Wrigley Field Toyota Sign Will Ruin the Charm

First it was the gigantic pictures ruining Wrigley Field, and now it might be a huge Toyota sign. Chicago Cubs new owner Tom Ricketts is looking to add a huge, illuminated red Toyota sign behind the left field bleachers to help generate more revenue. The Cubs organization proposed this idea back on April 19th, and the city’s zoning department gave them their approval. On Thursday, the Commission on Chicago Landmarks will meet to decide whether or not the Cubs will have the green light to put up the sign.

When will the defacing of Wrigley Field stop? The ballpark has been tremendously improved over the last few years. Fans no longer have to worry about rocks falling down and injuring them. And that’s all the park really needed. I’m all about preserving historical landmarks and I feel like this will just ruin another Chicago landmark. Solider Field will never be the same after the “upgrades” it received. The once classic stadium now looks like aliens have landed on Chicago’s lakefront.

The Cubs’ organization is justifying the sign by saying that the team needs to generate revenue anyway that they can, and that Fenway Park has been changing with the times too, without going overboard. All I can say is that these are the nation’s two oldest ballparks — something that is extremely rare these days — and we must preserve them the best we can. Walking into either of these ballparks give you the feeling of stepping into history and watching a game the way people did 100 years ago. You can’t exactly get that old-time feel when you are staring at a giant billboard advertisement for a company that didn’t exist at the time the ballpark opened.

Friendly Confines Fired Up over Proposed Toyota Sign [Beyond the Game]

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  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    They have to fund Soriano and Fukudome’s contracts somehow, right?

  • http://www.twitter.com/duey23 Duey23

    I’m tired of everyone always whining about Wrigley. I used to love the old Stadium too, but standing in 1/2 inch of urine while at a urinal and inhaling gobs of smoke due to the low ceilings in the vending areas wasn’t fun.

    Landmark status was done by the bitter neighborhood who wanted to try to stop so many night games. I feel the same anger towards those living near airports. Most were there FAR BEFORE you moved in. You KNOW what’s there but yet you whine about inconvenience.

    What Charm is at Wrigley lately? The fact that most of our fans don’t know how baseball is played or the rules? Or the overly drunk college crowd cussing and swearing so much that I’m embarrassed to bring my wife to a game? Or the continued increase in pricing because all the NIMBY’S won’t let the club garner any other shred of potential revenue?

    As a full-season ticket holder I care MOST about a fun and safe environment I can bring my wife and child to and right there at number two is a WINNING club.

    I honestly care less and less about whether or not the ballpark I’m sitting in was touched by Tinkers, Evers or Chance and more about what I pay $50-70 per seat for, in otherwords my ROI (return on investment).

    Is it really a classic stadium? maybe, but even the Yankees got over that hurdle and they’ve won REDICULOUSLY more World Series than our beloved Cubs.

    GET OVER IT!!!

  • http://www.twitter.com/duey23 Duey23

    PS: Nice that your mention of Toyota in the article brings up a Toyota banner ad before I even get to what you wrote. So much for signs/advertising being bad.

  • Matt

    All I care about is winning the WS. I love Wrigley of course and wish it could stay the same but it won’t and it can’t, it’s just reality. All the changes they have made so far have been good and tasteful and I trust the sign will be no different. IMO they can rename the stadium and put signs up all over the place if it gives us more money for players, coaches, etc (ie better chance at winning it all). Imagine if we go another 100 years with no title, but Wrigley looks exactly the same. How dumb is that? This is business and the business is to win . End of story.