Allen Iverson’s Divorce Sheds Light on 76ers Release

Earlier in the week, we questioned the reason for Allen Iverson’s release by the 76ers. He had been reasonably effective with the team — well worth a roster spot — and he had expressed a huge desire to play following his release by the Grizzlies. How could he go from one extreme — wanted to continue his career and play in the All-Star game — to missing Sixers games with regularity and the All-Star weekend in Dallas on top of it? Well, with the unfortunate news of the impending Iverson divorce, we now have what appears to be the answer.

In the petition, Tawanna Iverson asked for temporary and permanent custody of their five children as well as child support and alimony.

She did not ask for a specific dollar amount.

In the coming months, the courts will prepare to examine the Iverson’s parental and financial status to determine custody and support/alimony amounts. Allen understands that whatever the courts decide will dictate how he lives the next several years of his life; he’s clearly looking out for his best interests. This helps explain the reason given for Iverson’s release from the 76ers (so he could take care of his daughter). The reason makes Allen look good in two ways: he appears as a caring, concerned, and responsible parent for the custody evaluations, and now Iverson has zero income when the courts make their spousal support evaluation. Hence, Iverson might want to continue playing but he has to take the bullet for the rest of the season in order to protect himself from high alimony payments the next twenty or so years. Iverson’s a smart guy and obviously getting some good advice.

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  • Lakita Seldon

    I hope everything works out for Allen iverson and his family!

  • http://www.twitter.com/tee_baybee03 Tearra Clark

    Well i really do believe that Tawanna and Allen should work things out…. They have been together too long to be asking for a divorce… They have 5 children to take care of and their children are young.. They need both parents in their lives… I really do hate this.. I am Allen Iverson’s #1 fan and i been following him as long as i can remember… He’s awesome and with the help of God, they can work everything out. Yall please just put everything in the hands of the Lord and i promise you everything is going to be okay… Please don’t do this.. Think of the kids.. Man i love u guys and i would hate to see this happen to you all or anyone.. All you have to do is “PRAY”… I will be praying also… I hope and pray that everything gets better for everyone… Luv U All!!

  • Taylor march

    Hope that everything works out for you allen iversin and that you are able to return to the NBA!!

    Good luck,
    Taylor march

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_IQMQ52W6YN4GFRXB2UHXBOP4UQ Artistic D

    Screw the alimony. You played you got caught. Now it’s time to pay the piper. That’s what men do. Be a man, suck it up and pay the bill. Get back into the NBA where you belong, and go out with a bang. With the respect you deserve. Not like some little boy, who doesn’t want to pay for the fun he had.