Anderson Varejao Sports the Chosen 2 Tattoo for LeBron

Apparently Anderson Varejao has quite the sense of humor. What you think he used for that, a magic marker? You think crayons did the job? By the way, as great as I think LeBron James is, I had no idea he had a “Chosen 1″ tattoo on his back. Just a bit egocentric, wouldn’t you say?

Via Shaver Sports

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  • http://shellmedia.net/ ShellMedia

    HAHA thats great… Oh Anderson, didnt know you made jokes like that

  • Gene

    I’m a big LeBron fan, but that tattoo is a bit over the top, for sure.

  • Anders(on) Varejao

    It wasn’t magic marker or crayons Larry, it’s a real tat I swear.

  • http://larrybrownsports.com Larry Brown

    I’m hearing that Big Z is getting “Chosen 3″ inked next

  • RachelL.

    Haha! I Love Anderson. He is sooooo funny! Hahah!

    But LeBron should be able to have that tattoo,
    he is simply the best. I live in GA, and the Cavs
    are the best. So Shut the Eff Up Laker fans…
    the Cavs are cominnn’