Blake Griffin dunks over Pau Gasol on thunderous follow (Video)

Blake Griffin was at it again Wednesday doing what he does best: throwing down ridiculously fierce dunks. He scored the Clippers’ first points in their game against the Lakers by following a Randy Foye missed three with a dunk over Pau Gasol.

As if that dunk wasn’t enough, Griffin threw down on Gasol AGAIN. Here was his monster dunk from the third quarter:

Here’s a great GIF of the first dunk:

And here’s your poster:

Video via @Jose3030; GIF via Mock Session

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  • Gene

    Big deal, a dunk.  Blake Griffin plays almost no defense and cannot shoot free throws.  He seems to be a great guy and a great citizen, but too much is made about dunks in general.  Players neglect developing other skills.  Lakers win by eight, so big deal.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=670467021 Donovan GrassRope

    “Hahaha”, sounds like Mean Gene the Hater”, Face it Griffin is a badass Dunker, best of this era!!! He’s only getting better, live with it!!! shots and everything else is coming together yet, thats the scary thing… “Live with it!”

  • Gene

    I guess your definition of a “hater” is someone who says that Griffin is a great guy and a great citizen.  Too bad you have no clue what “hater” really means.  Do you really think he has a complete game?  His free throws certainly are not coming together.  I love his dunks, but there is more to the game of basketball than dunks.