Dwyane Wade ticked at Erik Spoelstra during timeout (Video)

Dwyane Wade augmented his crap game against the Pacers in Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals on Thursday by confronting coach Erik Spoelstra during a timeout. Wade had just missed a three and was late getting back on defense when the timeout was called. Spoelstra must have called him out about something, because Wade reacted in a negative manner and got in his coach’s face.

Spoelstra brushed aside the incident in his postgame comments.

“That happens. Anybody who has been a part of a team who has been a coach or been a player you have no idea how often things like that happen,” Spoelstra said. “That was during an emotional part of the game. We were getting our butt kicked.

“Dwyane and I have been together for a long time… That was nothing… That’s the least of our concerns… Our concerns are getting ready for Sunday.”

Yeah, that sort of thing isn’t infrequent, but the point is it shouldn’t be happening during key playoff games. That was just another sign that the Heat were a mess. Wade went 2-for-13 and had as many turnovers as points — five. The guy played like crap and is a big reason they lost the game by 19 points. He shouldn’t have any blame for Spoelstra for his performance — that’s all on him.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jim-Anzano-Crapanzano/1469409012 Jim Anzano Crapanzano

    D.Wade was stinking up the place and he had the balls to yell at the coach…. Come on its bad enough that the heat can win without CB…. Very Very Bad.. I dont see them winning another game this series.. And I am a heat fan.. :o(

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/BK7KXMXF3J4PWXYJTKYNMRICGI cassandra

    how many times have you seen d wade have only 5 points in a game ?????????  there is no bench and no help other than chalmers and bron, if you are a heat fan you should know that, you dont know what is going on so dont blame d wade, and by the way the reason we lost the championship last year is because spo got outcoached and now chris got hurt which everybody took for granted except me and by the way wade sacrificed alot to bring the big 3 together and in my oppinion you are not tryly afan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!