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Sunday, May 20, 2018

J.J. Redick Discusses Heckling Fans

During his collegiate days with the Duke Blue Devils, J.J. Redick was constantly pestered by fans of opposing programs. Since being drafted by the Magic, he’s endured less heckling because he’s no longer the superstar he was in college.

When asked about heckling fans on the Dan Patrick Show Tuesday, Redick brought up a particularly creative comment he once heard from a fan.  We all know fans can be brutal when they harass opposing players, but the former Duke star said that a fan telling him he “drinks his own pee” was the most creative verbal jab ever directed toward him.  You can hear the audio of the interview here.

Redick laughed that particular comment off and emphatically stated that he was most bothered by fans’ antics when they involved family members. “When you start talking about people’s mothers and people’s sisters, that’s where you can get a little angry,” Redick explained.

As fans we’ll do almost anything to help our team gain an advantage. Thanks to Redick — a man who has been targeted by fans for years — we finally have the recipe for getting in an opposing athlete’s mind: talk about their momma.  Beware if you do because that’s at your own risk.

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