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Friday, August 17, 2018

JaVale McGee Gets Triple Double with Persistence (Video)

Professional athletes don’t keep track of their personal stats while a game is going on, do they? That would be very unprofessional. I can understand a pitcher knowing when he has yet to give up a hit. That type of thing is pretty easy to keep track of in your head. When an NBA player knows he’s a point away from a triple-double, someone on the bench must be feeding him the stats. Otherwise, JaVale McGee is one heck of a mathematician. He may have lit it up at the Dunk Contest, but McGee embarrassed himself trying to get a triple-double on Tuesday night against the Bulls.  Check it out:

The fact that he got a technical for hanging on the rim and celebrating is pathetic.  You’re down 20 points — at least pretend you care that your team is losing.

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