Jeremy Lin reportedly was close to being released before scoring binge

There are so many incredible aspects of Jeremy Lin’s rise to stardom, it’s hard to know where to begin. You could talk about him being overlooked by many colleges. You could talk about him going undrafted and hardly seeing minutes last season with the Warriors. You could talk about him being released by two NBA teams in December, and nearly being released again this past week.

Yup, Marc Stein says the Knicks were close to releasing Lin until he went on a scoring binge last Saturday and Monday.

Sources with knowledge of the Knicks’ thinking told ESPN.com’s Marc Stein that the Knicks had been giving strong consideration to waiving Lin before his breakout game last Saturday against New Jersey.

Sources told Stein that the Knicks, given Lin’s unguaranteed contract, were leaning toward releasing him before Tuesday’s 6 p.m. deadline and had begun targeting replacement point guards to take Lin’s roster spot, with veteran guard Mike James from their affiliate in the D-League (Erie BayHawks) chief among them.

The Tuesday deadline is when players’ contracts become guaranteed for the rest of the season. If the Knicks were that close to releasing Lin, maybe we shouldn’t give Golden State and Houston too much grief over releasing him. Then again, at least the Knicks gave him a shot to see what he could do.

And just how good has Jeremy Lin been in his first week as an NBA starting point guard? He’s scored more points (89) than anyone through their first three starts since the NBA-ABA merger.

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  • EUgene Wilson

    I trust that teams management takes a lesson from this conundrum…..youth plays an important part in teams that wants to develop and grow. Aging stars moving around the NBA to teams that wants stardom for every other reason than to win games and eventually championship that never materializes. Let see how management handles this when then the sick and absentees are back and looking to resume their running of the games. Sadly the one who is gonna have to handle it to will be the coach. The youngster has poise and will only get better and stronger in the game. The 30 plus year old guards are going to have to now take the supporting role for the younger legs that are not so prone to injury….You go LIN

  • Anonymous

    What fresh air. Court vision. Balance. How could this good karma player happen to the Knicks?Is Lin the answer to the anti-Christs of Dolan and I. Thomas?